Dodge City: ‘The people are our best asset’

Dodge City opened its “Little Free Pantry” in Nov. 2018. It is located between Dodge City Town Hall and Jack’s, off Alabama Highway 69 South. Jack’s donated the land and Life Church keeps the pantry stocked. (Maggie Darnell for The Cullman Tribune)

This community profile was originally printed in the special “Community Matters” section of the March 19, 2019 edition of The Cullman Tribune.

DODGE CITY, Ala. – Dodge City was incorporated as a municipality of Cullman County in 1993; it is located south of the center of Cullman County, just off the west side of I-65, on Exit 299. Dodge City is located just east of Lewis Smith Lake, which offers water activities for Cullman County residents and visitors.

Unique to Dodge City is its sewage treatment plant, which has a system of “S-shaped” ponds that filter out bacteria with cat tails and duck weed. The water is also treated with UV light to remove any remaining bacteria. Town leaders say there are only two more like it in Alabama.

Dodge City has also recently opened a “Little Free Pantry” that is stocked by Life Church.

Dodge City is under the leadership of Mayor Tawana Canada, who shared, “I was born and raised here, so it’s home to me. The people are our best asset, they’re some of the most caring people on Earth. The people of Dodge City are true Southerners. We take pride in the fact that we know our neighbors and that we still wave hello. This combination makes Dodge City a great place to work and a greater place to call home!”

Dodge City features local favorite spots such as Pop’s Place Bar BQ, Ray Park (named in memory of Dodge City’s first mayor) and a nature trail behind the town hall.

One of Pop’s Place Bar BQ’s owners, Karl Hurter, shared how Dodge City’s community has affected his business, saying, “It’s been a huge impact, we moved (Pop’s Place) to Dodge City two years ago and we’ve had a huge, positive impact on our business. I enjoy being here.”

About the town, Hurter said, “I enjoy the small-town feel of Dodge City; it’s much different than where I grew up. But it’s something I’ve come to enjoy and appreciate, because I’ve been able to have a much better relationship with my customers.”

The town’s annual festival, Dodge City Day, will take place on June 8, 2019 from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

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Dodge City Town Hall

Maggie Darnell