10 Things from a Tribune Tastemaker: Cindy Phillips


Cindy Phillips; Phillips does a handstand on a polished stone surface at the Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery; Phillips practicing yoga (contributed)

In this creative weekly series, local author, artist and all-around entertaining and eccentric (not to mention classy!) Southern gentleman Ben Johnson South introduces Cullman Tribune readers to the creative thinkers and doers in the Cullman community.

“10 Things from a Tribune Tastemaker”

This week, meet Cindy Phillips, certified yoga instructor/potter:

YOTTER (noun): a word I’ve coined to describe the rare combination of certified yoga instructor and award-winning potter; synonym: Cindy Phillips. The natural habitat for this uncommon, American yotter is her Gentle Rain Yoga Studio near Smith Lake in Cullman, Alabama. A distinguishing trait for Phillips is passionate, intense, obsessive study. Yoga instructor certification requires a minimum of 200 hours of concentrated yoga training including anatomy studies with instructors who have a minimum of 500 hours of yoga training. Further studying and Phillips’ pottery passion led to her fine arts focus at the University of South Alabama (Mobile) and advancing to pottery instructor.

Here are 10 things about yoga + pottery from Phillips:

  1. YOGI—someone adept at yoga
  2. GREGORIAN CHANT/NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTE—gentle music heard at Gentle Rain Yoga
  3. TONY PERDUE ROCKABILLY/ANYTHING—music in her pottery studio (full disclosure: gifted entertainer, Tony Perdue, is Cindy’s romantic/life partner)
  4. STATE OF FLOW—mental destination for both yoga and creating pottery
  5. HOLIDAY GIFT OF YOGA—only $15 per class, Gentle Rain Yoga Studio
  6. HOLIDAY GIFT OF POTTERY—handmade, Cindy Phillips’ essential oils pottery pendant jewelry or coffee/tea mug
  7. RISHIKESH, INDIA—on travel “bucket list” for International Yoga Festival
  8. YOGA + CHRISTIANITY—breathing and meditation can enhance Christian prayerfulness; yoga is about mindfulness and connecting with the universe, yoga is not a religion
  9. YOGA FOR PREGNANT MOMS-TO-BE—yoga is useful for stretching hip flexibility to aid birthing, also good for stress reduction and breathing techniques
  10. YOGA FOR POST-HOLIDAY DIETING—yoga enhances discipline and certain yoga poses stimulate the thyroid gland which balances metabolism

Connect with Gentle Rain Yoga Studio and Cindy Phillips Pottery: 256-737-7262, cindyphillips.art@gmail.com, gentlerainyoga@gmail.com, Facebook/Cindy Phillips Art, Facebook/Gentle Rain Yoga.

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