10 Things from a Tribune Tastemaker: Maria Richter Shultz


Maria Richter Shultz (contributed)

In this creative weekly series, local author, artist and all-around entertaining and eccentric (not to mention classy!) Southern gentleman Ben Johnson South introduces Cullman Tribune readers to the creative thinkers and doers in the Cullman community.

“10 Things from a Tribune Tastemaker”

This week, meet Maria Richter Schultz, the Countess of Cullman Colors

No one, nobody, not another person on the planet knows “The Colors Of Cullman” better than Maria Richter Schultz of O.F. Richter & Sons. In this first-time-ever color expedition we asked the lady we’ve dubbed “The Countess Of Cullman Colors” to select paint colors that match our town’s icons. Here are TASTEMAKER Maria Schultz’ Cullman color choices in Benjamin Moore paints:

  1. STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL RED- a luscious, Cullman Grown strawberry in May (#1336)
  2. FESTHALLE SWEET POTATO- delicious, comforting, buttered, Cullman sweet potato (#2167-30)
  3. OKTOBERFEST GERMAN GREEN- rich green with the happy oomph of an Oompah band (#714)
  4. SACRED HEART STEEPLE GRAY- peaceful silver gray with a glow of sky blue (#2134-50)
  5. AVE MARIA GROTTO BLUE- Brother Joseph masterworks with soulful cobalt (#819)
  6. HERITAGE PARK SKY BLUE- hopeful blue on a carefree stroll in the park (#821)
  7. DUCHESS DONUTS- sweet, warm, golden delights (#1101)
  8. ALL-STEAK ORANGE ROLLS- classic, sun-kissed, lip-smacking citrus (#120)
  9. SMITH LAKE TEAL – sun beaming on deep, calm blue-green water (#2136-40)
  10. ELAINE WILLINGHAM TUTU PINK- lovely, elegant, cultured pink (#2089-60)

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