‘All these years later’: Crane Hill couple who met at the fair 58 years ago enjoys Senior Day

Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune

John and Geneva Sellers enjoy the view from the top of the Ferris wheel at the Cullman County Fair (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN – Wednesday was the annual Senior Day at the Cullman County Fair, and one couple with a special connection to the fair, John and Geneva Sellers of Crane Hill, was especially enjoying the day’s festivities. The couple first met on Oct. 1, 1960 at the fair’s Ferris wheel. John was 19 and Geneva was 17.

John smiled, “I was there with a few buddies and I saw her from the Ferris wheel. I told my friends that the girl in the leopard print pants is mine!”

Recalled Geneva, “My girlfriends convinced me to buy those pants and wear them to the fair. All these years later and he remembers those leopard print pants!” 

Geneva admits that she and her girlfriends were hoping to meet some boys. As for John, he was looking for the right girl.

Geneva said, “He introduces himself and I thought he was cute. Something just sparked.”

John had wanted to drive Geneva home that night, but she wouldn’t let him. She had driven her own car to the fair. She agreed to meet him again the next day. John went the next day and picked up Geneva in his black convertible Chevy with red interior.

John laughed, “She had her own car, so at least I knew she didn’t just agree because of my car.” After picking her up, John took Geneva to meet his parents.

The couple would eventually marry in 1962. They have been to the fair almost every year since the “love at first sight” meeting at the fair 58 years ago. They recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a six-week trip to Venezuela. John and Geneva also deliver meals for Meals on Wheels in Crane Hill.

The couple has four children, 11 grandchildren and one great grandchild. Their grandchildren have won many awards at the fair in the past few years for singing and art. The Cullman County Fair continues to be a special place and time for their family.

More on Senior Day

A huge crowd came out to enjoy music, exhibits and fellowship. Comfort Care Home Health was on hand giving fair goers T-shirts and tote bags, which were great for the seniors as they picked up swag from the many vendors at this year’s fair.

Admission to the fair was free and the Lion’s Club concessions were available with hamburgers, hotdogs and fried pies. All of the fair buildings were open for people to browse the contest entries. A variety of vendors were also busy passing out information. Some had special drawings for the seniors to enter. Wallace State offered free health screenings

Seniors filled the Coca-Cola Theatre to enjoy gospel singing and other crowd favorites. Volunteers with Comfort Care danced with a handful of seniors while many clapped along.

Jim and Tammy Melton were at the fair laughing and enjoying time with their friends, Mike and Doris Vinson, Calvin Wright and Linda Murray. They were a little disappointed that the rides and games weren’t open.

Doris Vinson joked, “We’ve been sitting here wanting to play this water balloon game.”

Calvin Wright, added, “I’m more interested in that fresh lemonade booth.”

The friends were very lighthearted in their critiques.

Mike Vinson said, “We are having a great time. We love a chance to get together to joke around. Several had hoped to ride the carousel, but they did enjoy the Ferris wheel.”

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