VMS students launch ‘The Eagle Flyer’

Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune

Left to right: John Eslava, Gracie Walker, Emma Dortch and Mildred Lemus work on this week’s edition of “The Eagle Flyer” at Vinemont Middle School. (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

VINEMONT – Vinemont Middle School introduced several new classes to its curriculum this year, one of which is Introduction to Journalism taught by Sonya Mabry. The class now writes and prints a newsletter called “The Eagle Flyer,” which focuses on news, activities and other happenings at the school.

The Tribune met with the class this week as it put the finishing touches on the second newsletter of the year, and Principal Johnny Whaley expressed how proud he is of the media team.

“These kids are doing a fantastic job and the feedback from the students has been great. It’s exciting for them, and the ‘Eagle Flyer,’ Eagle News Network and social media students are doing amazing work.”

Mabry is also very proud of the students’ work.

“They are conducting interviews and doing a great job. We have covered volleyball, band and football, as well as school clubs. We are still working on the layout of the paper, but the kids are doing a tremendous job.”

A few students spent Monday editing while the others participated in a brainstorming session for ideas to feature in the next edition. Kennedy Byer, an editor for ‘The Eagle Flyer,’ had the newsletter ready to print Tuesday.

Brittany Parker is responsible for advertising. She explained, “I check with the office for any announcements or fundraisers that need attention.”

Nathan Maldonado is a reporter and has been reporting on the marching band.  All the students have responsibilities in the production of the newsletter. They even have special media badges they wear that provide them a pass when they are out of the classroom gathering news. 

Emma Dortch, a seventh-grader, said she hopes to become a journalist one day. Two of her articles were featured in Tuesday’s “Eagle Flyer.” She reported on the middle school’s volleyball teams and cross-country team.

Dortch said, “I’m an athlete. I play basketball and softball.” She said that she might like to cover news or sports in the future. When asked who she would interview if given the chance, she replied, “I don’t know. I’d have to think about that but probably a men’s basketball player. My uncle and I watch lots of basketball together.”

Dortch also enjoys writing, poetry and reading. English is her favorite class and she particularly enjoys diagraming sentences. She said, “in my free time, I will sit and just write in my journal.”

Mabry hopes the class can publish a new “Eagle Flyer” every two weeks.

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