Wild game, and games, at annual St. Paul’s cookout

Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune

Rev. John Bussman of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church gets soaked at the church’s fifth annual Wild Game Cookout Saturday, Aug. 25, 2018. (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN – The fifth annual St. Paul’s Wild Game Cookout was held Saturday afternoon and evening. Members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church gathered with friends and family for a time of fun, fellowship and food.

The cookout was held at the home of Rev. John Bussman, where church members grilled an assortment of exotic foods. The menu included elk, bison, venison, ostrich, kangaroo, pheasant, quail and wild boar. For the less adventurous: dinosaur legs (turkey legs), pulled pork, hamburgers, and hotdogs were also available.

Jason Fowler and his son Will sampled a bit of everything. Jason thought that the elk and wild boar were best while Will was a fan of the ostrich and quail.

Tony Turbyfill and his wife, Angie, also named wild boar as their favorite. Their son Brien said, “I really liked the kangaroo. It has a great flavor. I was surprised.”

Based on the those asked, the wild boar seemed to be a crowd favorite. Everyone agreed that all the food at this year’s cookout was great and appreciated all the hard work that went into the event from St. Paul’s Evangelism Committee.

Rev. Bussman spoke of the influence his young son Gabriel had on the cookout: “Gabriel told me he wanted (our) home to be a place where all the people of his church and all their friends could come and have a good time. We began working to make sure our home could do just that. A place we could share and enjoy time with everyone. We chose this time of year because school has started back, and summer is winding down. It's one last opportunity to get together and relax before it gets cooler.”

After eating, the kids enjoyed a trampoline, bouncy house, giant water slide, chalk drawing, snow cones and kickball. Some kids brought their fishing gear and fished at the Bussman’s pond, complete with a paddle boat. One young man caught a bass on his first cast. Perhaps the most popular activity for the kids was chasing Rev. Bussman with super soakers!

The adults sang karaoke, played cornhole, and played golf. Bussman created a golf course on the property and church members competed in a “closest to the pin” competition with the winner taking home a new Buettner Bros. bench. There were also several door prizes.

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