Battle of the Bulldogs: Susan Moore downs Hanceville 40-22


HANCEVILLE – It was the Battle of the Bulldogs Friday night in Hanceville, with Susan Moore coming out on top, 40-22.

It was a scoreless, back-and-forth first quarter after a missed field goal by Hanceville.

The second, marred with fumbles, looked to be the same, until Susan Moore’s Andrew McEvoy took the ball in from the 9-yard line for the first score of the night. With 9:43 to go in the second, it was Susan Moore, 6-0.

Capping off an eight-play drive, McEvoy passed Jeffery Threatt for an 18-yard TD. Again, the PAT was no good, and with 3:56 left in the half, it was 12-0 Susan Moore.

After Hanceville’s Alex Campbell was picked off by Tanner Sission, it took just four plays until Anthony Cervantes rushed in from the 16-yard line for the TD. Susan Moore went up 18-0 with 1:44 to go until the break.

Susan Moore would start the second half much the same way, when after just a few plays, McEvoy again passed to Threatt, this time for a 56-yard TD pass. The 2-point conversion was good, and the Hanceville Bulldogs were down 26-0.

Hanceville finally got on the board in the third, after a 63-yard drive ended with Campbell throwing to RJ Evans for a 29-yard TD. A failed 2-point conversion attempt made the score 26-6, Susan Moore, with 1:09 in third.

Susan Moore’s McEvoy fumbled the ball at the 16-yard line to end the third quarter.

In the fourth, Hanceville’s Campbell again connected with RJ Evans, this time from the 16-yard line for a TD. The 2-point conversion was good, and Hanceville inched closer. It was 26-14, Susan Moore, with 6:25 to go in the game.

Susan Moore answer with an Anthony Cervantes 51-yard TD run, and it was 33-14 with 4:36 left on the clock.

Susan Moore’s Sission would rushed in from the 18-yard line for another TD. The PAT was good, and it was 40-14, Susan Moore, with just more than two minutes remaining.

Hanceville did not go quietly, scoring a TD with one second left in the game.

Final score: Susan Moore 40, Hanceville 22

Hanceville will host Holly Pond next week.

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