Ribbon cut on ELEVATE Cullman; grand opening celebration Saturday evening


ELEVATE Cullman opened on June 18. On Aug. 25, the fitness studio held its official ribbon cutting. A grand opening celebration will take place Aug. 26. / Nick Griffin

CULLMAN – The ribbon was cut for one of Cullman's newest local businesses this morning. ELEVATE Cullman is a new fitness studio that offers a variety of classes such as barre, yoga and piloxing. ELEVATE describes itself as a “premiere barre and yoga boutique.” Most classes are designed for participants to use their own body weight with just a few resistance accessories.

Owner Rachel Eidson is excited to bring a new fitness alternative into the community, something that is different from going to a standard gym.

"The big difference between ELEVATE and a regular gym is that we work to build a community and I want this to be like a spa that people happen to exercise at. We're very small, very tailored and have several classes that are focused on helping women change their bodies," Eidson said. "We also offer yoga classes for both fitness and restoration and a mini workshop that focuses on health on Wednesdays."

ELEVTE has only been open since June 18, but has already seen a growing interest in the classes it offers as well as a consistent group of returning participants.

"People seem to love it. People who come here tend to want to stick around," Eidson said. "Committed members right now (are) up over 50 people but we sell individual classes as well as memberships so some people might want to just come to a class every now and then so we offer that too."

So far, the studio has been filled mostly with women, but Eidson has also held classes for men, and she feels they may have changed their perceptions of the workout routine.

"It is mostly women but I've had a class for boys that my husband took and some of our members’ sons and they were all blown away by how hard it was and how strong their moms are. I think they gained a new respect for what they are able to do so we'll probably do that again."

Eidson is proud of the new addition she has made to the community and encourages everyone to come give it a try. You can find ELEVTE on the MINDBODY app or at www.elevatecullman.com where you can book and learn about classes.

Eidson feels that ELEVATE provides a new service to the community that isn't commonly found in a small town.

"What you're getting here is highly specialized, but we have a really interesting mix under one roof so it’s kind of a big city feature in a small town."

ELEVATE Cullman is located at 220 First Ave. SE, next to Duchess Bakery. The studio will host a grand opening celebration on Saturday, Aug. 26 from 6-9 p.m.

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