Urgent care facility coming to Baileyton


Mayor Johnny Dyar announced at this week’s council meeting that the new urgent care facility will open in the next two weeks. / Andrew Cryer

BAILEYTON – Last month, the Baileyton Town Council considered the prospect of Dr. Josiah Daily opening a cash-only urgent care facility in the town’s medical center. This week, Mayor Johnny Dyar announced that the facility is becoming a reality. Dailey, along with another physician, has paid the six-month rent advance for the space. Said Dyar, “We’re tickled to death about this. (Dailey) said that he will be moving in as soon as possible.” Dyar estimates that the facility will be operational in a couple of weeks.

Town Clerk Patricia Gilbert said it's been well more than a year since the medical center had someone in place, and the building has been vacant for seven months. When it was operational before, it was only open one afternoon a week. The upcoming clinic is expected to be an “afternoon-evening clinic,” according to Gilbert, operational from afternoon until later in the evening. No set hours have been announced.

In old business, the annual Roger Latham Memorial Walking Horse Show has been rescheduled for Saturday, Oct. 10, after the two-day July event was canceled due to inclement weather.

In new business, the council voted to purchase a vacuum to be used at the town hall for the estimated cost of $100. In addition to the vacuum, the council voted to replace a malfunctioning Dell computer monitor at town hall for the cost of $130, and noted that $600 was spent on labor costs to replace a slide at the Baileyton Town Park.

The council continued its deliberation over remodeling the town hall, as Councilwoman Myra Martin presented a report on what the design committee wishes to have done to the facility. Dyar noted that the council has approved the remodeling, but hasn’t set a price cap on the project. Councilman Windell Calloway argued that the council should wait on a cost estimate on the design committee’s ideas. The motion to set a price cap was tabled, and Dyar announced that a special meeting of the council will be held as soon as an estimate is received.

The Baileyton Town Council meets on the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at Baileyton Town Hall. The public is welcome.

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