Hanceville votes to hire firm for CDBG proposals


The Hanceville City Council held a special meeting on Monday night to choose a consulting firm for its Community Development Block Grant proposals. / Heather Mann

HANCEVILLE – With its eyes still set on downtown improvements, the Hanceville City Council is planning to apply for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). Before applying for the grant, however, the City needed to hire a consulting firm to go over Hanceville’s proposed projects. At Monday night's special council meeting, the council voted to hire Goodwin, Mills & Caywood (GMC).

Joey Hester, director of planning and development for the North-Central Alabama Regional Council of Governments (NARCOG), provided most of the information for the meeting. He had the council members rate each firm on several different criteria, then totaled the scores. When the result was read, he said that he would contact GMC to get them to come down and consider the proposed projects, though the consultation might be a bit rushed as the deadline to apply for the CDBG is Aug. 31.

GMC will design, plan and estimate costs for Hanceville’s proposed downtown improvement projects, which will be submitted for the grant. Hester stated after the meeting that he hopes to implement a set of improvement plans that were previously worked out, and he also plans to talk to Mayor Kenneth Nail (who is out of town) about getting the downtown committee together for a meeting. Hester said the meeting will have to wait until after the application is submitted, due to time restraints, but he still wants community feedback on what citizens feel needs to be improved.

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