Battleground’s Camp Liberty expands, adds new courses


BATTLEGROUND – Camp Liberty is now in its second year in Cullman County, after previously being in Marion, Alabama, and is expanding for those interested in a military-style experience, a secluded campsite or even a wedding.

Two new courses will be added to the Extreme Military Challenge (XMC) in this quickly approaching summer season at Camp Liberty- the Combat Engineer course and the Cadet Aviation Challenge. The courses are optional as each cadet tailors his or her own experience during the XMC.

XMC is for teenagers and gives them the opportunity to experience the military lifestyle through realistic and challenging programs. XMC has programs from 2 to 5 weeks long and provides training for more than 200 each summer.

Not only are the courses expanding, but so is the camp’s obstacle course, which will be in conjunction with the site’s “Combat Town.” Completion of “Combat Town” is expected by the fall of 2018 and will add an airsoft area to the site.

The site is owned by Col. Joe Land who has worked with cadet programs for more than 30 years. Land has taken what he knows to work and has applied it to his XMC program. “There’s no other program like it,” he said.

Camp Liberty is located at 15719 Alabama Highway 157 W.

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