St. Bernard Preparatory School Class of 2017


St. Bernard Preparatory graduation will be Sunday, May 28, 2017 at 2 p.m. in the Abbey Church.


“God has blessed us by your presence on this campus. May he bless you as you walk into the adventure of life ahead.”

Proudly, Father Joel Martin, O.S.B., school president


First row, (left to right): Yujin Lee, Caitlyn Norman, Anna Myers, Isabella Cline and Katelyn Cowie.

Second row, (left to right): Mary Kathryn Dollar, Hyeri Lee, Yuxin Li, Morgan Matz and Darby Dickinson.

Third row, (left to right): Jaden Edge, Yesmin Leon, Xueyi Wu, Sarah Anna McCarthy and Megan Brockway.

Fourth row, (left to right): Isaias Robles, Graham Sanders, Manny Rocha, Sam Chiodo, Christian Garcia and Qixin Zhang.

Fifth row, (left to right): Benjamin Borths, Paul Schartung, Garret Marti, Kedi Mo and Geonwoo Kim.

Sixth row, (left to right): Miguel Sanches, Casey Guthery, Jalen Lee, Hunter Looney and Marco Tona.

Seventh row, (left to right): Edson Silva, Cade Broadley, Wangtianhan Pang, Clint Crumbley, Arnel Calinao and Dominic Pautler.

Not pictured: Brij Rama, Luke Merrill and Anna Preusentanz.

(Photo by Joyce Nix)


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