Morning music: “River of Dreams”


Hey Morning Music fans! We are back and ready to rock and roll you on your way to work this morning!

Today's song is one that is a mix of soul, rock and gospel, by Billy Joel, who wrote it while not in the happiest of circumstances; however, it is definitely a feel-good song!  Let us know what you think!

"River of Dreams" is the 12th studio album and last rock album by American singer-songwriter Billy Joel, released on August 10, 1993. He stopped recording new music as a performer after this album, although he has subsequently released live albums, and composed the music for an instrumental album performed by Richard Joo. "River of Dreams" presented a much more serious tone from Joel than found in his previous albums, dealing with issues such as trust and long-lasting love. It was rumored that the themes of trust and betrayal, particularly certain lyrics from the songs "A Minor Variation" and "The Great Wall of China," stem from Joel's legal disputes with his former manager and ex-brother-in-law, Frank Weber, who reportedly embezzled millions of dollars from Joel and used dubious accounting practices to cover it up.

The album cover was a painting by Joel's then-wife, Christie Brinkley. In 1993, "Rolling Stone" gave her the Top Picks award for "The Best Album Cover of the Year." (Wikipedia)