Baileyton Town Council addresses finances; Dyar new president of mayor’s association

Andrew Cryer

BAILEYTON –  A big portion of Baileyton’s town council meeting this week focused on the town hall basement. In particular, the almost $6,000 the council says the latest renter, MultiLine Cable Company, LLC, owes the Town of Baileyton.

The Town’s attorney, Todd McLeroy, has placed locks and no trespassing signs on the basement in an effort to persuade the company to pay what the Town says it is owed. At the meeting, it was stated that If the money is not received, property left on the premises will be sold.

In old business, the Town will purchase three 20-month certificates of deposit (CDs) from People’s Bank in the amounts of $42,252.38, $26,867.09 and $18,767.18. In doing so, the Town will lose $1,900 on its current CD investments due to withdrawal penalties; however, this will be offset by the near doubling of the interest rate on the new CDs; over time, the Town will earn back the withdrawal fees and will earn substantially more than it would have under the current CDs’ interest rate of .65 percent.

Horizon Medical Clinic has vacated the premises at 105 Fire Station Road. The property will be cleaned and rental advertisements will begin soon.

In new business, the council approved the purchase of a pallet fork for $650 from Delane Ray, to be used on its recently-acquired tractor. Both will be used by the Town as deemed necessary on future projects.

In other news, Baileyton Mayor Johnny Dyar was elected president of the Cullman County Mayors and Commissioners Association. Dyer says he is committed to ensuring that all residents of Cullman County, as well as the city, have access to Air Evac Lifeteam emergency medical services. The notion is in concept phase, and plans are very limited at the moment; however, Dyar says he is meeting with local mayors to devise a plan in which everyone will have access to the potentially life-saving service.

The council approved a resolution to buy 24 tons of red brick dust to repair the town baseball field for the upcoming season from the lowest cost provider. Baseball registration lasts through the end of this month. Interested parties should contact Town Clerk Patricia Gilbert at 256-796-6477 or stop by Baileyton Town Hall Monday through Friday from noon-5 p.m.

Lastly, the council unanimously passed a motion to pay all unpaid bills.  

The Baileyton Town Council meets on the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at Baileyton Town Hall. The public is welcome to attend.


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