CCBOE recognizes school and student achievements

W.C. Mann

Cold Springs cross country coach Claborn Campbell, left, with Cullman County Schools Superintendent Shane Barnette

CULLMAN – On Thursday evening, the Cullman County Board of Education (CCBOE) held its regular meeting.  The first item on the agenda was the recognition of various achievements by groups from schools across the system.

*Vinemont High School InSPIRESS Team Icon won first place in a final review at UAH in a NASA space exploration competition. 

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*Good Hope Middle School robotics team was the top middle school team in the BEST robotics competition at Auburn University.

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*Good Hope Middle School won the 2016 Cullman County middle school football championship. 

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*Cold Springs Middle School girls and West Point Middle School boys won their respective county middle school basketball championships. 

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*West Point Middle School won the county middle school volleyball championship. 

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*Fairview High School took both varsity and junior varsity honors in the county high school volleyball championship. 

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*Cold Springs won both the boys’ and girls’ county cross-country championships. 

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Following these awards, recognitions were made of the members of the board: Chris Carter (Fairview), Jason Speegle (Good Hope), Heath Allbright (Holly Pond), Kenny Brockman (Hanceville), Gene Sullins (West Point), Wayne Myrex (Cold Springs) and Mike Graves (Vinemont). Several of the members were presented cards, plaques, goodie bags or other gifts by parents, teachers and students attending the meeting.

The board then officially seated its three new members: Gene Sullins, Heath Allbright and Wayne Myrex.  Following this, the last meeting's minutes were approved without discussion.

The following personnel items were approved without discussion and without the listing of any names: resignations, leaves of absence, voluntary transfers, appointments, substitutes, 2016-17 non-faculty coaches, contract/salary changes. According to Superintendent Shane Barnette, the list of personnel affected will be released Friday, Jan. 20.

All remaining items were also approved without discussion:

* 2016-17 after-school program at Harmony School.  Teachers Elaine Wren, Pam Mack, Monica Smith, and Heather Lynn will be paid $15 per hour from local school funds.

* Request from Fairview HS to pay Robert Strane $120 for running the basketball game clock during middle school games, to be paid by the Fairview Booster Club.

* Request from West Point HS to pay a $250 supplement from the West Point Quarterback Club to non-faculty coaches Bryant Farley, Tyler Hunt, Ryder Jones and Paul Quattlebaum.

* Request from Good Hope MS to pay James Ponder $80 and Eric Barnes $60 for keeping the clock at the county middle school basketball tournament, paid by the Cullman County Middle School Basketball Association.

* Request from Good Hope HS to pay $125 from local school funds to Sherry Blackwood for cleaning the gym during the Christmas holidays.

* Request from Good Hope HS to pay the following coaches through the Quarterback Club for 2016 summer work: Taft Dillashaw $725, Chris Creel $83, Eric Barnes $400, Patrick McDonald $1475, Tyler Hudson $400.

* Request to pay Kathy Day $13 per hour/game for keeping the books at the county basketball tournament, paid by the Cullman County Basketball Association.

* Request from Harmony School to pay $25/hour stipends from Title I parental involvement funds for an upcoming "Fam Jam" event to Elaine Wren, Monica Smith, Angela Baggett, Sherry Motes, Heather Lynn, Marta Dollar, Rhonda Bagwell, Carla Davis and Ruby Reasonover.

* November 2016 financial statement, reflecting a general fund balance of $9,477,394.40, a 1.7 million dollar increase over Nov. 2015.

* November 2016 bills totaling $5,392,379.16 and salaries totaling $2,746,632.32.

* Change Order #3 for Holly Pond ES window replacement phase 1, deduct $3656.59 for sales tax reconciliation.

* Change Order #1 for Vinemont MS re-roofing, deduct $1,892.17 for sales tax reconciliation.

* Request from the Child Nutrition Department to pay the following their hourly rate from the CACFP At-Risk program at Hanceville Cafeteria: Sonia Burgess, Keisha Wright, Miranda Pullman, Janet Gaston, Elizabeth Busby and Alicia Powe.

* Recommendation for Board President Kenny Brockman, Superintendent Barnette, and the board Attorney to negotiate contract renewal with the current Chief School Financial Officer Ed Roberson.

* Request for reimbursements for Overnight Travel allowances on hotel/motel to increase from $150 to $225 per day or the conference hotel rate, whichever is higher for travel within the state.

*Out-of-state field trip requests from classes at:

  •    Vinemont HS to attend a pro basketball game in Atlanta, GA, Mar. 5
  •    Holly Pond MS to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, TN, Mar. 20
  •    Parkside School to Science Education Day at Six Flags in Atlanta, GA, Apr. 7
  •    Good Hope HS to Science Education Day at Six Flags in Atlanta, GA, Apr. 21
  •    Holly Pond MS to Science Education Day at Six Flags in Atlanta, GA, Apr. 28

No general fund money will be used for these trips.

Barnette closed the Board meeting with his report.  He made the following announcements and notes:

* The state superintendent has approved his waiver request related to the Jan. 6 weather closure, so county schools will not have to make up that day. 

* The county basketball tournament will begin this Saturday, Jan 21.

* He attended the Cullman County Honor Band concert last Saturday, and said of it, "I was extremely impressed.  We were very well represented."

* CCBOE has just started its after-school supper feeding program at the Child Development Center and Fairview High School, with upcoming expansion to West Point and Hanceville.  Kids 18 and under can come to the schools and eat supper for free.  This does not cost CCBOE anything, as it is a federal program for districts with high numbers of students on free or reduced lunches.

The next CCBOE meeting is at the board office on Feb. 16 at 6 p.m., with work session at 5:30.  The public is invited to attend.


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