Christmas in Baileyton

Andrew Cryer

BAILEYTON – Hundreds turned out this weekend for Baileyton’s fifth annual Christmas celebration at the Baileyton Senior Center. Free food, drinks, fresh fruit, gifts and a free picture with Santa were provided for all those in attendance. The building was packed to near capacity, with more people coming in every few minutes.  

“A lot of these kids need this; they look forward to it every year,” said Mayor Johnny Dyar as he reflected on the importance of the annual event. “We will continue to hold this as long as I’m mayor,” stated Dyar.

Children were allowed to pick a gift of their choosing off of the many tables full of gifts that were donated for the event this year, and many, if not all, received a free picture with Santa.

Dyar was adamant that no child went hungry that evening.

“I want them to eat and drink as much as they can… whoever eats the most gets a dollar,” joked Dyar as he and the council members helped prepare food for the event.

Not only was it important to Dyar for the children to eat as much as they wanted, but he also encouraged them to take food home with them for anyone who needed it.

“It’s all about Christmas… it’s better to give than receive,” concluded Dyer as he stressed the spirit of the season.

Baileyton continues to attract more people to the event every year, according to Pam Motes of Phil Campbell.

“I come to be a part of the wonderful things that come every year,” she said, “and to visit my hometown.”


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