Thanksgiving Countdown Corner Nov. 17: Tools of the trade

Loretta Gillespie

I found this wonderful microplane (sometimes referred to as a mandolin) at Bennett's Home Store a couple of years ago. It quickly became one of my favorite kitchen tools.


Thanksgiving Countdown Corner Nov. 17:

Today’s countdown includes making sure that you have all the tools you’ll need on Thanksgiving Day. Sending your flustered husband out to look for a microplane or a pastry cutter at the last minute isn’t the way to start off your holiday!

So, start with your largest item, which will probably be the turkey, and make sure you have everything you need to prepare it.


  1. Turkey roasting pan OR large cookie sheet and a turkey browning bag
  2. Turkey baster
  3. If your turkey doesn’t come with its own pop-up timer, you’ll sure want one of those.

(Groceries for turkey: whole onions and celery sticks, lemons and butter for putting under turkey skin at roasting time, poultry seasoning)

Mashed Potatoes

  1. Potato masher or ricer


  1. Paring knife- You’ll need the right kind of knife to make each job easier. For peeling fruits and veggies, that’s a small paring knife; it should fit comfortably in your hand.
  2. Mandolin or microplane- This tool is indispensible in my kitchen. I use it to easily zest lemons, limes, oranges, even onions and cheese. A regular grater can’t touch this.
  3. Egg separator- Saves time and ensures that you don’t get stray yolk in your egg whites, causing meringue to fail.
  4. Colander- Use for everything from draining/straining fruits, vegetables, broth, etc. to cooling boiled eggs.
  5. Extra potholders- Once a potholder gets wet it’s no longer safe to use on hot handles and dishes, so have several on hand.
  6. Casserole dishes- Most recipes call for 9×13 dishes, so be sure you have enough for each casserole you make
  7. A manual can-opener in case the other one fails (mine always breaks down during holidays).
  8. To-go boxes for sending leftovers home with family and friends.


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