ALDOT: Don’t veer for deer (and other tips)

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MONTGOMERY – The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) is warning drivers that the fall and winter months present an increased danger of vehicle collisions involving deer.

According to the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, one reason for increased vehicle collisions with deer during this time of the year is that the deer are more active due to the start of their breeding season. “Deer will be much more prevalent during these months in Alabama’s woodlands as bucks begin roaming and pursuing potential mates,” said Wildlife Chief Keith Gauldin. “While much of their activity is observed between dusk and dawn, they can also be seen during the day.  Drivers should be extra cautious behind the wheel during this time of peak activity to avoid such collisions.”

ALDOT offers the following tips to help avoid deer-vehicle collisions:

  • Drive defensively and expect the unexpected. Scan the sides of the road and use other vehicles’ headlights to watch for deer. Think ahead about how you might react if you encounter a deer. Be prepared to quickly slow down, brake suddenly or turn down headlights.
  • Know when not to swerve. If you suddenly have a deer in your path, brake firmly. Do not swerve or leave your lane. Many deer-related accidents are the result of colliding with another vehicle in the opposite lane or losing control of the vehicle while trying to avoid the animal.
  • Deer travel in herds and gather near water sources. If you see one deer, there are more nearby. Watch for deer gathered near creeks, swamps and wetlands that are near roadways.
  • Always obey speed limits and wear seat belts.

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