Meek upends Southeastern 62-45


ARLEY – In an exciting back and forth tonight from Meek’s home field, the Meek Tigers outscored the Southeastern Mustangs 62-45.

The start of the game was unimpressionable until the 1:40 mark of the first quarter when Meek scored the first points of the game. Gabriel Jones ran in a 3-yard touchdown and followed it up with a 2-point conversion putting 8 on the board.

Only one minute and 28 seconds transpired until the Southeastern Mustangs responded with a touchdown of their own. As time ticked down to 8 seconds left in the first, John Abercrombie scored again for the Tigers on a 46-yard run and also followed it up with a 2-point throw and catch.

The quarter ended 16-7 in favor of the Tigers.

Southeastern started the second quarter with a 23-yard run and a 28-yard run that ended with a fumble recovered by Meek at their own 4-yard line. Meek then fumbled as Southeastern picked it up and ran in for a 5-yard fumble recovery touchdown making the score 16-13 with 10:44 left in the quarter. Meek wasn’t able to answer until the very last play of the half when Abercrombie ran in a 10-yard touchdown, his second of the night.

The third quarter began 22-13 for the Tigers, who quickly ran downfield on nine plays and three back-to-back penalties, scoring again by a 2-yarder from Destin Morris. Abercrombie then scored again before a huge 54-yard touchdown from the Mustangs put the score at 36-19 with 5:55 left in the third.

Three more penalties from the Meek Tigers gave up 35 yards to the Southeastern Mustangs, but never a score as Meek retained the ball for the third time in the quarter and ended the drive with a 25-yard rush from Collin Brock, his first touchdown on the night.

The third quarter ended with the score 42-19 with Meek in the lead.

The fourth quarter began with a 24-yard touchdown pass for the Mustangs, shortening Meek’s lead to 17 with plenty of time left in the final quarter.

Meek answered with their next drive on a 27-yard rush from Brock for his second touchdown on the night, but in less than a minute the Mustangs countered with another touchdown pass, now with the score at 48-33.

The Tigers had enough time for two more touchdowns in less than a minute from Brock and Abercrombie when three consecutive incomplete passes and a bad snap for the Mustangs put Meek at their opponent’s 5-yard line.

In a quick act of desperation Southeastern passed for another 48-yard score and then intercepted a run snap and scored again, but a little too late as time ran out on the clock making the final score 62-45, Meek.

Meek had a total of 571 yards on the night; only 10 of those yards were not from rushing.

Abercrombie ended the night with 121 total yards on 14 carries and three touchdowns.

Brock had 12 carries for a total of 142 yards and three touchdowns.

Jones had a good night with 11 carries for 80 yards one reception and one touchdown.

Morris also had 14 carries and racked up 138 yards also with one touchdown.

The Meek Tigers travel next week to Sumiton Christian.


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