Holly Pond stung by Locust Fork, 37-31


LOCUST FORK – After a massive homecoming victory against the Asbury Rams last week, the Holly Pond Broncos traveled to Locust Fork to play the Hornets for their homecoming. However, the Broncos ended up taking a stinging with a six-point loss, 37-31.

The Hornets took the lead early on by intercepting the Broncos' ball and rushing for a touchdown, with an extra point kicked by Jose Hernandez. Soon after, the Broncos gained two first downs before facing an interception from the Hornets. Locust Fork, however, could not get another first down and had to punt. Holly Pond's Dylan Morton ran for the Broncos' first touchdown of the game, and kicker Todd Schwabb added an extra point to their score. Locust Fork countered with a recovery of Holly Pond's onside kick and a subsequent TD with an extra point from Hernandez. Trey Hill returned the Hornets' kick for a Bronco first down, which was quickly followed by a pass to Luis Garcia for another first down. Caleb Jones rushed for another Bronco TD, and an extra point from Schwabb tied the score at 14-14. Two penalties against Locust Fork ended the quarter.

The second quarter was littered with penalties against both teams, but the Broncos managed to pull ahead. Most of the quarter was used up on the penalties (six on Locust Fork and two on Holly Pond) and rushing for yards, but the Broncos were able to put in another TD before the clock ran out, putting the score at 21-14 at halftime.

The third quarter continued much like the second, with both teams struggling to gain yards due to penalties and incomplete passes. The Hornets were the first to gain points this quarter with a safety, soon followed by a TD and extra point. The Broncos completed a pass for a TD, but penalties against both teams took away the points and caused them to redo the play. Despite not making the touchdown again, the Broncos did gain points from a 36-yard field goal kicked by Schwabb. This put the score at 24-23 with Holly Pond leading at the end of the quarter.

Despite how evenly-matched the teams were, the Hornets’ strengths pulled them ahead in the final quarter. Twice during the fourth, multiple penalties against both teams preceded a TD for Locust Fork. However, a good 2-point conversion followed the score the first time, while the second time the Broncos blocked their kick for an extra point. The first touchdown put Locust Fork in the lead, and the second one gave them the advantage that Holly Pond just wasn’t able to match. The Broncos did manage to score again thanks to Michael Lambert with 26 seconds left in the game, but the Hornets’ recovery of their onside kick removed the Broncos’ last shot of winning as Locust Fork ran out the clock.

Holly Pond came up short to Locust Fork, 37-31.

Next week, the Broncos are back home to play Hanceville.


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