A thriller in Vinemont as Eagles win 35-28


VINEMONT – Vinemont won a thriller against Priceville tonight, riding the cleats of Garrett Boland.

The game saw multiple lead changes and more than five onside kicks. By halftime the game seemed unclear. Priceville lead 28 -14 in a game with scrambling quarterbacks and option-based plays, but Vinemont's defense dug down in the second half and overcame with a 35-28 victory.

“I wasn't really happy with the way we played in the first half. It wasn't that we weren't playing well, we just weren't executing. It’s something that we've struggled with.” said Vinemont head coach William Norris.

Priceville was shut down by a swarming defense that smothered them on a game hinging on fourth-and-1. The  Vinemont offense gained 359 total yards. Quarterback Boland rushed 142 yards for three touchdowns and one 2-point conversion. He was 6 of 17 for 138 passing yards and one touchdown.

“It really wasn't about me. Any one of these guys could have scored. We knew we had to execute and the defense really stepped up,” said Boland.

The second half saw the whole team rise to the challenge. Running back Deke Wright rushed for 79 yards and one touchdown and Seth Campbell, the game’s leading receiver, totaled 78 yards and one touchdown.

In the final minutes the sidelined Vinemont offense stirred up the crowd in support of the defense.

Priceville’s quarterback, David Strunk, was removed from play because of an injury.

The Vinemont defense rallied and snuffed the Priceville offense in a game that may carry the team the rest of the season.


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