Heartbreaker in Holly Pond

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HOLLY POND – Expectations were high for the Holly Pond Broncos' third game of the season Friday night, which was also their home opener. After breaking their 29-game losing streak last year, the Broncos enjoyed a 2-0 record going into tonight’s game, where they faced the JB Pennington Tigers, also 2-0 for the season.  Both schools packed the stadium for a standing room only showdown.

The game started with a kickoff for the Tigers, and the Broncos quickly scored. A pass to Dylan Morton after recovering Pennington's fumble led to a touchdown in the first play, with a missed 2-point conversion. Soon after, a pass by quarterback Michael Lambert resulted in another touchdown for the Broncos, this time with a good 2-point conversion. The first quarter ended with a score of 14-0.

The second quarter began with a score for the Tigers on a fourth and goal pass and a blocked extra point. The kickoff was returned to the 35, but the drive ended with a Bronco punt. Pennington’s drive started well, but ended when the Broncos intercepted a pass for a touchdown of their own.

After the kickoff, the Tigers furiously took the field for three first down rushes and a touchdown rush with a good 2-point conversion. The Broncos retaliated with a touchdown from Lambert and ran out the clock with a score of 26-14.

Tensions began rising in the third quarter as both teams began rushing for first downs, relying heavily on their ground games. Ultimately, Pennington began closing the point gap with a touchdown rush and failed 2-point conversion that left the score at 26-20 by the end of the quarter.

The final quarter brought out the fire in fans as well as players, as Pennington's early score tied the game 26-26. The Broncos quickly fired back with a touchdown from Morton. Fans from both sides began getting riled up when Pennington took the lead with another touchdown and a good 2-point conversion with only 1:49 left in the game. The Broncos slowly gained yards until a touchdown pass was completed. The Broncos' stands exploded in cheers, which quickly turned to jeers as a penalty was called and the points taken back with only 15 seconds to spare. The Broncos ended the game with a Hail Mary pass that was batted down.

JB Pennington took the game 34-32, handing Holly Pond their first defeat of the season.

The five Bronco touchdowns raised $500 to split between the school’s football team, cheerleaders and marching band, a donation from Holly Pond Tire & Lube, who promised to give $100 to split between these groups for every touchdown the Broncos score at home games.

The Broncos travel to Blountsville next Friday to take on the Susan Moore Bulldogs at 7 p.m.


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