Plans for Cullman Marine Corps detachment moving forward


CULLMAN – CEO of Saving Forgotten Warriors Jeremy Hogan is moving forward with plans for a Marine Corps detachment in the Cullman area.

As of Monday, Hogan, himself a Marine, reported the group has 17 people confirmed to be a part of what he feels will be something very special.

The goal is to get 20, which is the maximum number for this detachment. The closest one nearby, Hogan says, is in the Birmingham area.

"We are planning to form the detachment within the next month," Hogan stated. "We are working on getting each of them together at one location. We have enough for it to be started here in Cullman."

Hogan received good news of support from Cullman County Sheriff, and fellow Marine, Matt Gentry on Monday. The sheriff is going to be involved with the detachment that will provide an immediate impact to the area.

Hogan said how he and Gentry got together was last fall when their children were playing organized soccer. A conversation started and now a commitment has been provided by the leader of law enforcement in Cullman County.

The purpose of having a detachment in the Cullman area? Hogan reports that Cullman is very committed to the Marine Corps. He says the numbers are right for the detachment to be created.

Hogan is looking for active Marines or those who have received an honorable discharge. Their motto is "Marines helping Marines, Once a Marine, always a Marine."

Hogan is looking at the oldest Marine to get involved. Well-known businessman Roy Drinkard recently celebrated his 96th birthday. Drinkard served in the Marines during World War II and was a private first class.

"Mr. Drinkard has done a lot for this community," Hogan said. "We hope we can have him come aboard and be a part of this."

Hogan plans for the new detachment to initially meet at the Saving Forgotten Warriors office, using their conference room. Then once the detachment becomes organized, plans to move forward with other resources will be in process.

For those who want to know more about the Marine Corps detachment, contact Hogan at 256-747-5006.