‘Keep that Garbage Out!’- local resident finds KKK materials at his home

James Hays

CULLMAN – James Hays, a 20-year resident of Cullman, found Ku Klux Klan recruitment packets around his home recently, and he is concerned for the community.

The most recent propaganda, which was littered all along his street (Goldridge Road), boldly has, among other things, “transgender is an abomination according to the King James Bible,” written on it. According to Hays, the packet also beckons people to “help us fight the spread of Islam in our country.”

The packet consists of a white paper pamphlet in a zip-lock bag with two rocks in it, assumedly to help make it easier to throw or stay put in its intended location.

Hays, deeply disturbed by the fact that this sort of scourge has risen up within Cullman and begun recruiting, reached out to The Cullman Tribune.

“Our town and county is one of the most perfect places to raise a family,” Hays said. “I don’t want my children seeing that kind of garbage and to experience that kind of hate.

“This sets our city back,” he continued. “All the progress that we make and all the growth we experience as a community, you know, it really doesn’t mean anything if this sort of hate is here.”

Hays, who attends Desperation Church in the city, was particularly offended by the KKK recruitment letter’s perversion of the Bible to help spread its hateful beliefs.

“It goes against every single thing Jesus ever taught,” Hays said about the tactics employed by the hate-group. “He never taught hate, he taught love. Even if you are offended by transgender people or specific religious groups, which I am not, you cannot reach them by condemning them and throwing scripture at them. You have to love them first.”

Along with being riddled with grammatical errors so egregious a first grader could spot them, the pamphlet employs a drawing of a cone-head pointing at the reader, alluding to the famous “I want you for the U.S. Army,” Uncle Sam poster, except the KKK recruitment paper reads: “The KKK Wants You!” which could either be a recruitment statement of wanting a blonde-haired blue-eyed European to join their group, or a threat to any non-Aryan human.

The KKK is a unique group because its beliefs are so fundamentally contradictory and absurd that it is nearly comical that the organization even exists. But on the other hand, the group’s actions and statements are so horrible that a laugh is impossible in light of such evil.

Hays is the creator of a group on Facebook called United Against Hate. You can find it here:  http://qrne.ws/unitedagainsthate.

“I made the Facebook group about a year ago,” he said. “I just made it to help bring people together – to spread love and make a difference.”