SoHo Sassy Studio to debut in Vinemont Thursday evening


VINEMONT – Vinemont will be the place to be this Thursday evening as SoHo Sassy Studio celebrates their Grand Opening with a Paint and Sip Night with hostess and studio owner Kathy Danielson lending her thirty years of artistic experience to partygoers and painters.

In addition to the sipping that’s planned to begin at 6:30 p.m., participants will be painting a piece known as “Moonlight” during the 3-hour session that begins at 7 p.m. While the prospect of merely holding a paintbrush can be intimidating to amateurs, Danielson assures that no experience is necessary to create a painting you’ll be happy to hang by the mantle with pride.

In addition to prescheduled painting classes, SoHo will offer classes in floral designing, DIY wood décor creation classes and children’s parties. Classes are offered for two or three hours and artists are encouraged to arrive to all classes 20-30 minutes early with snacks and wine in hand if desired. A hearty desire to have a fun evening socializing with a group of friends is strongly recommended as well.

The genius behind the studio has excelled in numerous creative outlets including floral design, interior design and using her gifts as a way to provide aid to nonprofit organizations locally and abroad. Danielson studied commercial art and worked for many years in St. Petersburg, Florida before joining the Vinemont community.

A year in the making, SoHo Sassy Studio is a labor of love for Danielson, who describes it as “a paint with a twist party for ladies or men who come for the evening where I will provide instruction. There will be nights where people can just paint whatever they want and we can see where they’re at with their creativity. I’m also trying to bring it up a notch with DIY nights and floral design nights where they’ll go home with their arrangements. I’ll teach participants how to design a dozen roses just like a florist would do and they get to take that home.”

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, a gift certificate to SoHo Sassy Studio, along with a nice bottle of wine and night out with the girls, is a flawless and exceptional idea for mom’s special day.

For more information about upcoming classes, please visit or or call 727-742-2627.

Visit the studio on Thursday evening for their Grand Opening at 1997 County Road 1339, Vinemont, AL 35179.