St. Bernard Abbey: Br. Linus Klucsarits Ordained as Deacon

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Joyce Nix

Photo: Br. Linus lies prostrate before the altar as the Litany of Saints is sung.

CULLMAN – Br. Linus Klucsarits returned home briefly from his studies at St. Meinrad School of Theology in Indiana to be ordained a transitional deacon in the Catholic Church by Bishop Robert Baker at St. Bernard Abbey. 

On Saturday, March 12, Br. Linus was ordained a deacon following his third year of theological studies. Br. Linus said deacons go back to the Acts of the Apostles. “Deacons were first chosen to care for widows in the daily distribution of food among the believers. So a spirit of service has always been a part of being a deacon. Today, a deacon assists the bishop and the priests in ministry. Deacons can baptize children, witness marriages, preside at services for the dead and read and preach the Gospel.”

To show his complete submission to the will of God, one of the most moving parts of the ceremony was when Br. Linus laid prostrate before the altar and the Litany of Saints was sung.   The ordination itself took place when the bishop laid hands on him and prayed the prayer of ordination.   Br. Linus was clothed in the vestments worn by a deacon by Frs. Bede Marcy and Marcus Voss. 

Bishop Baker said to Br. Linus, "Receive the book of the Gospels whose herald you now are. Believe what you read, teach what you believe, practice what you teach."

Br. Linus is a native of Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he was the second of five children born to William and Alice Klucsarits.  He was given the name, Paul Thomas Klucsarits, when he was christened. When he began his novitiate at St. Bernard Abbey in June 2011, he received the name, Br. Linus, as his name in religion.  On January 6, 2012, the Feast of the Epiphany, Abbot Cletus received his first vows. His time in monastic formation at St. Bernard reflects his previous experience of monastic life at St. Vincent Archabbey.

A product of Catholic schools, Br. Linus attended St. Charles Seminary in Philadelphia.  He is an alumnus of Gallaudet University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and obtained his Master of Arts in sign language interpreting.  He earned a second master’s degree at UAB, studying education with a focus on teaching English as a second language.  He has taught ESL at St. Bernard for the past two and a half years.  In addition, he implemented the ESL Summer Program.

Br. Linus was joined by his brother, George Klucsarits and sister-in-law, Eunice as well as his sister, Ann Fitzgerald and her fiancé Sam Hinojosa. 

Following the celebration, Br. Linus returned to St. Meinrad to complete his studies for the priesthood, and in one year will be ordained a priest.