Cullman Mayor Proclaims October ‘Domestic Violence Awareness Month’

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Leanne H. West

CULLMAN — On Tuesday, October 6, 2015, Cullman Mayor Max A. Townson proclaimed the month of October 2015 “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” in the City of Cullman.

According to statistics provided by Victim Services of Cullman, one in four women will experience domestic violence at some point during their lifetimes, and, on average, three women are killed each day at the hands of a current or former intimate partner. The damaging effects of domestic violence are long-term and effect the victims’ families, as well. Children are among the most vulnerable. They are negatively impacted even if they don’t actually witness the abuse, because they can sense the tension in the household and see the aftermath of the abuse. Tragically, experiencing this type of abuse as children often leads to the development of emotional, cognitive, or behavioral problems.
“Domestic violence is a terrible crime, and it’s happening right here in our community,” said Mayor Townson. “The City of Cullman values the safety of all of our citizens, and if one person in our community doesn’t feel safe and secure, that’s one too many.”
The problem of domestic violence is not confined to any group or groups of people. It crosses all economic, racial, gender, educational, religious, and societal barriers, and is sustained by societal indifference or ignorance. Victims of domestic violence have their privacy, dignity, security, and humanity violated. Whether the domestic violence manifests itself as physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, or economic abuse or control, the effects are detrimental to our entire community.
“The City of Cullman is proud to have Victim Services of Cullman and other service organizations dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence,” added Mayor Townson. “These organizations also work to increase awareness, helping all of us learn to recognize the signs of domestic violence so we can work together to eliminate its devastating effects in our community.”
In the proclamation, Mayor Townson urged all citizens to speak out against domestic violence and to support organizations that assist domestic violence victims in our community. As further support of domestic violence awareness, the City of Cullman has once again allowed the display of silhouette “silent witnesses” in front of City Hall.
On hand to accept the official proclamation at the Mayor’s Office were Leah Costello, Donna Jacobs, Marie Lindsey, and Theresa Mann of Victim Services of Cullman.
Victim Services of Cullman (VSOC, Inc.) is a not-for-profit organization offering a host of services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Their mission is to break the cycle of family violence and sexual assault. They work to accomplish this mission through their various services. For more information on VSOC, Inc., visit their website at or call their administrative office at 256-775-2600.
VSOC, Inc., also has a 24-hour Crisis Line (256-734-6100) for those who are experiencing domestic violence or abuse, or those who have been victims of sexual assault.