Religious Spotlight: G.T. Robertson, Pastor of Emeus Baptist Church

G. T. Robertson
The hand of God at work within the church is evidence of His presence and always works to increase our faith and belief in Him and His Word.”
G.T. Robertson, Pastor of Emeus Baptist Church

LOGAN – The congregation at Emeus Baptist Church, as with many other area churches, is made up of a diverse group of believers. Though they come from a variety of backgrounds, they come together as one and keep their focus on Jesus as they worship, rather than themselves or their own preferences. As a result, the Lord works mightily through them for His glory.

Brother G.T. Robertson has been the pastor of Emeus Baptist Church for the past nine years. Humble and caring, he dedicates his life to his ministry and the community around him. He has been married to his wife Janine for 23 years, and together they have one son, Isaac, 17. Robertson preaches naturally as if he has been doing it his entire life. 

“I first felt the Lord's call to preach His Word upon my life, some 13 years ago,” Robertson began. “At first, I didn't recognize it for what it was. I would read and study God's Word and as the Lord would speak to my heart and point out certain things from His Word. I would jot down thoughts from these Scriptures in the back of my Bible, not knowing then, that God was giving me titles to sermons that I would later preach to honor Him and win others to Christ.” 

“I often wondered why God waited until I was in my 30s to call me to preach His Word,” he smiled. “For quite a while this was confusing. I initially felt like the time before His call to preach had been lost time or time that could have been used winning others to Christ. But then the Lord helped me to understand that there were plenty of things that I needed to learn personally before I was ready to help others in their Spiritual walk with Him.”

Robertson feels the greatest reward of pastoring is experiencing people give their lives to Jesus Christ. Robertson says it is gratifying to see the Lord at work in the eyes of believers as He does things such as heal their sickness, restore their relationships and renew their hearts. 

“The hand of God at work within the church is evidence of His presence and always works to increase our faith and belief in Him and His Word,” he said.

“The Lord has richly blessed Emeus Baptist Church in many, many ways,” he continued. “Through Him and His provisions, we are able to offer many things to our community, such as the Kids for Christ, youth group for teenagers, senior adult program, addictions ministry, radio ministry, jail ministry, and a children's van ministry – All of which are used for the purpose of doing our best to fulfill the great commission of spreading the good news that God loves us enough to allow His Son, Jesus, to die in our place and pay the penalty for our sins!”


Thank you Lord for showing up & showing out this morning. 6 people saved & 3 joined the church & the pastor never preached a word. His sermon was prepared but the Lord had other plans today. Praise God.

Posted by Emeus Baptist Church on Sunday, August 2, 2015

Over the years, Robertson has won the hearts of his congregation, and together they work to better the community. It is easy to see that God is at work with this man. 

“Brother G.T. works with guys from the Cullman County work release program, and I'm one of the guys that he has helped,” said Tyler Hinman. “There are other guys that he has helped in the same way. I really feel like the Lord has used him to change a lot of lives for the best.”

Robertson is a blessing to all that know him, especially his church. Emeus Baptist Church is located at 680 County Road 834, Logan, Ala. 35098. For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook at