Dayspring Dairy: Alabama’s First Licensed Sheep Dairy Farm

Our goal is to produce unique, delicious, safe, and healthy cheeses for our customers.”
Greg Kelly, Owner – Dayspring Dairy

GALLANT – Nestled in a valley in the piedmont of north-east Alabama with lush rolling pastures is Dayspring Dairy Farm. The family owned and operated farm is the first licensed sheep dairy and producer of sheep milk cheeses in Alabama. 

All their cheeses are made from milk from their flock. The owner, Greg Kelly, shepherds 80 dairy sheep. The family affectionately names each one of their sheep and refers to them as their “girls”. 

Kelly’s wife, Ana, is the head cheesemaker and culinary mastermind. Their two children also enjoy contributing to the farm.

Their sheep are pasture raised and consume large amounts of grass. They also eat feed when they go into the parlor for milking. Their cheeses and caramels are all 100% gluten free.

Although a sheep farm does not produce as much milk as a cow farm, it does produce richer, creamier milk.

Kelly stated, “Our goal is to produce unique, delicious, safe, and healthy cheeses for our customers. Dayspring Dairy cheeses start with the highest quality milk. Our sheep graze on our lush native pastures year-round producing milk with unique flavor profiles. We never use pesticides or commercial fertilizer on our pastures. Likewise, our sheep are never given hormones. All of these factors help us produce cheeses that are one-of-a-kind.”

The family’s faith plays a big part in their business. In fact, the name “Dayspring” means sunrise and is a biblical reference to Jesus.

“We know God has led us to do this endeavor which is why we have named it Dayspring Dairy, to give Him the honor and glory,” said Kelly.

The farm produces a wide variety of cheeses and milk caramel spreads including:
•    Pecora Fresca – A soft spreadable cheese flavored with sea salt
•    Pimento Garlic Fresca
•    Poblano Lime Fresca
•    Basil Peppercorn Fresca
•    Chocolate Fresca
•    Raw 100% Sheep Milk Feta
•    Marinated Feta – marinated with olive oil and herbs
•    Tipsy Farmer – Feta marinated in local blueberry wine
•    Ewetopia – Raw milk aged gouda
•    Halloumi – Mediterranean cheese that can be grilled or fried without melting
•    Sheep Milk Caramel – a dulce de leche spread made from sheep milk and raw sugar cooked for four hours until creamy, available in vanilla bean and bourbon flavors

Dayspring Dairy currently sells their products at Festhalle, Pepper Place, and Madison City farmers markets. They are also available for purchase at their farm in Gallant.

Their caramels have recently gone into distribution with Bamawise, and they have more planned as they increase their production capabilities.

Kelly stated, “The idea of Dayspring Dairy was born while we had professional careers but felt led to do something different with our lives. After visiting a sheep dairy in Tennessee in 2010, we knew right away that this is where God was leading us. In 2011, we purchased a beautiful farm in Gallant, Alabama. After months of research, including visiting several sheep dairies across the country, construction on our dairy and creamery began in 2012 with a focus on sustainability and agritourism.”

Dayspring Dairy is located at 212 Dogwood Drive Gallant, AL 35972.