Mirroring History: Cullman First United Methodist Church

Cullman County Museum

CULLMAN – The Cullman Mission was organized by Reverend Sam P. West in 1881. One of its leading laymen, Mr. George W. Hanlin, organized a Sunday school class for Methodists in 1879. Two years later, under the leadership of Rev. R. S. Hullett, the congregation built their first church building on 1st Avenue, west between 1st and 2nd Streets.

Unfortunately the first church building was destroyed by the fire of 1893, which had also destroyed the greater part of the northwestern section of Cullman.

Shortly thereafter, the congregation led by their pastor, Dr. D. S. McDonald, made plans for erecting a new building on the present site. The frame building stood until 1923 when, under the leadership of the Rev. S. O. Kimbrough, it was torn down and used in constructing a tabernacle where the congregation worshipped while the present stone church building was completed at a cost of nearly $100,000, incurring a large indebtedness.