Desperation Church Transforms Closet into Kitchen for Cullman Police

Craig Green
Our department will be forever grateful to the members and staff of Desperation Church. They are truly taking the love of Christ to Cullman.”
Craig Green, Assistant Chief of Police

CULLMAN – Cullman City Police received a nice surprise recently when members of Desperation Church converted an old storage room into a beautiful new kitchen. The kitchen is in the west side patrol office and is used as a break area for patrol officers to complete paperwork. It allows a constant police presence and makes for a much faster response time. 

“We went to visit it after talking with Craig Green at the station and noticed that it was super dated,” said Keith Varden, executive pastor of Desperation Church.

“The wallpaper was old, recliners were up on cinder blocks, carpet/kitchen was old, etc. We wanted to do something nice for this group that spends so much time keeping us safe.” he smiled.   

The church does what’s called serve days, which means they go out in groups into the community to offer their services.

The church did a serve day last Saturday that led into a serve week which they call, Passion Week.  

“It’s a week just to give back to the city,” Varden explained. “We renovated teacher’s lounges at West Point and Curry High Schools. We fixed up a courtyard at Hanceville High, made a new long jump track at Fairview, and many other service projects this week. The police station was one of them.”

“We put in a new kitchen including cabinets, stove, etc.,” he continued. 

“We added new carpet, all new furniture, painted the walls and gave them a new TV. We wanted to create a space that when they do have a chance to rest, they could enjoy it. A couple of our small groups joined together and worked on it a little last week and finished it up on Saturday.”

“Our department will be forever grateful to the members and staff of Desperation Church,” said Craig Green, assistant chief of police.

“They are truly taking the love of Christ to Cullman. This remodel will not only affect the current patrol officers, I believe it will make a difference for many years to come. With words, we cannot say ‘thank you’ enough for the way Desperation Church serves our department and this community. They truly love and serve Cullman, as Christ called us to.” 

Clearly the fine people at Desperation Church want to show the love of Jesus through serving and teaching people about the love of God.

They believe that the local church is the hope of the world and that hope is Jesus.

Desperation Church is located at 202 Elizabeth Street NE, Cullman, AL 35055. Their phone number is 256-255-5979

For more information, visit them online at and follow them on Facebook at