Getting Healthy to Help Others: Local Humanitarian Seeks Community’s Votes to Win Weight Loss Surgery

Sarah Linkous
I feel that having weight loss surgery would help to get the weight off faster and that will allow me to serve our community more.”
Sara Linkous, Local Humanitarian

CULLMAN – Most everyone wants to be in good shape and live a lifestyle that leads to health and happiness. For some, this is a harder mountain to climb than others. It may be difficult due to medical conditions or emotional issues, but no matter the reason, some of us need a little extra help to lose the weight and be our healthiest self. The National Obesity Foundation (NOF) works to help people achieve these goals by offering the necessary tools to get there.

In some instances, when more conventional methods have been exhausted, the resource the individual may draw upon is surgery. The National Obesity Foundation wants to help one lucky person obtain this service who works to make their community a better place. This award is given to someone who has been nominated by a person in their life who believes they are deserving of the humanitarian award. One Cullman resident, Sara Linkous, was nominated and is now in the final round of the competition.


Linkous stated her cousin, Lauren Heatherly, nominated her for the award, because of all of her work in and around the community.

“Through the summers of 2003-2007 I either volunteered or worked for The North American Mission Board,” said Linkous. “NAMB works in neighborhoods that fall below the poverty level. I was able to help with construction based projects and help build wheelchair ramps, put up sheetrock, and help with roofing projects. We also took part in Bible studies. In more recent years, I spend time volunteering through Desperation Church here in Cullman. I volunteer at least one day per week; this could be helping with the nursery and children’s ministries, to helping with paperwork, to assisting our DCcampus news staff.”

While Linkous feels that the surgery is necessary, she said it was certainly not her first option as she has tried losing the weight on her own for several years.

“I have been researching weight loss surgery for almost three years,” Linkous said. “I do have health insurance, but my specific plan does not cover weight loss surgery. I have made efforts on my own to lose weight, from working out at local crossfits and a local gym. I feel that having weight loss surgery would help to get the weight off faster and that will allow me to serve our community more. I feel that the effects of obesity can often leave me on the sidelines, because I am too exhausted to do anything.”

It is a common misconception that weight loss surgeries, or bariatric surgeries, are a quick fix for those who are obese, but even after surgery patients are required to work out and eat healthy. However, the procedure does make sticking to the plan easier.

Linkous is a mere 47 votes from taking the lead, and she needs just a little more help to realize her goals. She had 574 votes at time of publication.

 “I want Cullman to know that I cannot win this award without you. The person with the most votes wins, it is that simple. Although I do work full time, paying out of pocket for this surgery is almost inconceivable. This contest is nationwide, and I am 1 of 4 people who made it to this round. I work in Cullman, in the field of substance abuse, and it is probably the most rewarding job. I want to be able to help our community more.”

To vote for Sara Linkous, visit Voting ends April 15.