Stop the Sneezing and Sniffles: Cullman’s Dr. Adam Harrison Discusses Common Allergies at CRMC Event

Sharon Schuler Kreps/CullmanSense

CULLMAN – On Thursday, March 19, Dr. Adam Harrison of Cullman Internal Medicine spoke at Cullman Regional Medical Center’s Spring Fever Lunch and Learn event. Dr. Harrison spoke about seasonal allergies and how to deal with them.

“Allergic Rhinitis affects about 30 percent of the population in the United States,” said Dr. Harrison.

“So just like you did in elementary school, look to your left. Look to your right. One out of three of you guys will have the allergies this season. So it’s pretty common when we look at how many people will be affected by allergies every year.”

Dr. Harrison gave an overview of what allergies are and their epidemiology, or their causes and effects.

He identified triggers of allergies and helped the audience understand how they need to react to them.

He also reviewed many of the over-the-counter and prescription medications commonly used for the effects of seasonal allergies. 

During the presentation, Dr. Harrison identified several different plants that produce the most common allergens in Cullman.

Plants that produce the most common allergens in Cullman:

  • Orchard grass
  • Chestnut oak tree
  • Bermuda grass
  • Water chestnut trees
  • Ox-eye daisies
  • Smooth amaranth
  • Black walnut trees
  • Dandelions 

These can all cause itchy, watery eyes, runny noses, sneezing and fatigue. 

“So my recommendation on the medications is to first check with your doctor, to make sure you won’t have any interactions with your current medicines,” said Harrison. 

“Start with an easy over-the-counter remedy to begin with. If you start having allergy symptoms, use Flonase first and then you can try Zyrtec, Allegra or Claritin. You can also take Benadryl at bedtime to get you a good night’s rest. Then, if those don’t work for you, go and see your doctor.”

At the conclusion of the talk, Dr. Harrison fielded several questions as the audience finished their lunch.