“Yours Eternally: Letters of a Lifetime” – Ben Johnson South’s New Play Entertains the Masses

Sharon Schuler Kreps/CullmanSense

HANCEVILLE – “Yours Eternally: Letters of a Lifetime” is a brand new play written by local playwright Ben Johnson South. It made its debut this Saturday evening at the Burrow Center for the Fine and Performing Arts in Hanceville. The production starred former Alabama First Lady Marsha Folsom and her son James Folsom. All proceeds from the show will go to the Wallace State Fine Arts Department.

“Yours Eternally: Letters of a Lifetime” is a playful, yet meaningful series of exchanges between a nurturing mother and child over a lifetime of letters.

The audience laughed a lot throughout the show and in the end, they shed a few heartfelt tears. Marsha and son James did a fabulous job.

“Marsha and James really make it. It's almost like I wrote it just for them to perform,” said Ben South, playwright.

“The stars were aligned. Actually, after they signed on to perform ‘Yours Eternally’, I wrote in a couple of things just for them. Listen for her to say, ‘You are my sunshine.’ Miz Jamelle must be bragging to my Mama in their heavenly beauty parlor. Marsha and James are super duper!”

“As all you creative folks know, sometimes stuff you make works and it soars,” South continued.

“And, then sometimes stuff you make just lays on the ground DOA. These actors soar like brilliant, delightful birds. To them, I sincerely say, I am, YOURS ETERNALLY.”

Cullman County is home to a lot of great talent. Ben Johnson South is a writer and artist with several projects he has completed in the area.

The Folsom’s performance Saturday night was an engaging experience whose story stayed with the audience long after they left. For those who were able to attend “Yours Eternally: Letters of a Lifetime” witnessed excellent homegrown fun.