New Davidson Homes Offer A piece of luxury

Chelsea Sparks/CullmanSense

CULLMAN – With several expansions happening all around in industrial and retail businesses alike, the Cullman area is pulling in more newcomers to our community. With many professionals coming to the city, they need somewhere to live, and Davidson Homes plans to fulfill that need.

Davidson Homes has been working in the area for a short time, but is already making a big impact on the homing industry. Subdivisions have been popping up with Davidson signs all over the area, and according to owner Adam Davidson, more are on the way, including the new duplexes.

“We have a sister company called Clear Choice Properties, and we are building the properties on 10th Street,” said Davidson. “We are trying to capture the folks moving to town. With the duplexes being brand new, we are charging a little more than other rental properties, but the clientele we are serving, typically make higher salaries. It is to serve those who are looking for a luxury rental.”

Three buildings have already been completed, and Davidson says that several more are planned to follow. Tenants will get their money’s worth with the new 1,250 square foot properties with the unique look and features of the homes, according to Davidson.

“The duplexes will feature a hardwood floor look all the way through the home,” Davidson said. “They are full brick, with an open floor plan and architectural shingles. They also have fully sided lawns, and lawn maintenance will be included in their rent.”

Davidson stated that it has been Cullman’s ever growing economy that has caught the company’s eye.

“For the size of town that Cullman is, it has extremely high job growth,” said Davidson. “Of course, the school system, low crime rate, and the food and retail establishments have all come together to make us see the potential there. So we’re putting a lot of chips on Cullman, if you will.”

In addition to the new duplexes, Davidson Homes has also started construction on a new subdivision on Convent Road, and will begin yet another subdivision project soon.

“We started in spring of 2013 with two spec homes and ever since then things have just taken off for us,” Davidson said. “We have one other development that is just around the corner for us. We have signed a deal for 185 lots next door to REHAU. It should be going before the planning commission this month.”

Davidson went on to say that he and his company are excited to do business in Cullman and help build homes for its residents.

“At the end of the day, things always look different,” Davidson said. “I’ve had jobs before where your job was to make the department of the store look exactly the way it was when you go there. With home building, you get to drive by and look at the things you have built and see the impact we can have on a town, and the impact they can have on us.”

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