Cashier at Bethel Exxon Reddystop Robbed at Knifepoint

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BETHEL – A cashier at the Bethel Exxon Reddystop came face to face with a robber armed with a hunting knife early Friday afternoon but was left unharmed as the suspect fled the scene.

“An armed robbery did take place early today at the Bethel Exxon. A male subject came into the store with a knife and held up the cashier at knifepoint before stealing in excess of $200,” said Cullman County Sheriff Chief Deputy Max Bartlett. “Once he had the money, the male subject fled on foot to a nearby wooded area.”

Bartlett said witnesses spotted the suspect changing clothes before entering into the wooded area.

“We had great cooperation with witnesses who spotted the suspect enter into the woods. They were able to describe the clothing he changed in to and were also able to give us a general location of where to begin our search,” he said.

Deputies caught up to the suspect, Eric Gletty, 39, as he was returning to his home.

“They were able to spot him as he neared his residence and were able to apprehend him on his property,” said Bartlett. “The deputies observed him throwing items into the doorway of the home. Those items recovered included money, a long knife, and a wooden toy pistol.”

Eric Gletty, 39, is currently being detained at the Cullman County Detention Center and has been charged with Robbery – 1st degree. His bond is set at $60,000.

“We are all thankful no one was injured in this robbery,” said Bartlett.

“Gletty suffered minor abrasions from where he was going through thick brush, but no one else suffered any injuries. I am thankful for the witnesses who came forwarded and for the deputies who responded quickly to capture the suspect.”