Community Women United in Prayer


CULLMAN – The goal of Community Women United in Prayer is to unite women and make them conscious of the mission statement of the group. The ladies hold their meetings in various church activity rooms from 10-11 a.m. where no dues or commitments are required.

One of the founders said that the mission statement goes like this: “First, we thank God. Then we request protection of our families, especially the children. We’re praying for guidance and awareness for those who serve us in education, medicine, ministry and government – always keeping in mind freedoms given to us by God.”

All the women represent various churches in the Cullman area and others are invited to join them at their convenience. One of the founders added that the meetings are not a new thing and that there are a lot of churches all over the country where women are beginning to consistently meet in prayer. “It’s very, very successful,” she said. She called it a national effort and added that other states such as Massachusetts and Colorado are participating as well. She added, “We’ve done it because we’re hopeful to lead the way in Cullman for Christianity.” The Cullman group has been meeting for about 8 months now.

At their November 11th meeting, the ladies wanted to honor military heroes. They sang “God Bless America” and shared testimonials of their family members in the military. In addition, prayer requests were made for personal circumstances and especially for our country. “Pray that our nation turns back to God,” one attendee said. Another lady prepared a brief message on the importance of prayer and said, “The most important thing we can do is pray, and do it collectively, and not be concerned about what church you go to.” She said that prayer is our communication to God and that it connects us all together. In order to grow and understand God’s love for us, that communication has to be ongoing as in any relationship. She went on to say, “Those of you who are married or have children, you know that if you don’t communicate with each other that you drift apart, and it’s the same with prayer. It doesn’t have to be anything stilted or anything formal. It can be our simplest thoughts.” She said that we have so much to be thankful for through prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving.

For more information about Community Women United in Prayer, call Nancy at 256-737-0580, Jo at 256-734-0881, or Shirley at 256-339-9938.