Cullman Pilot Club Selling Priester’s Pecans


CULLMAN – Looks like Priester’s Pecan season is here again. Usually around this time of year, the Cullman Pilot Club begins one of its annual fundraisers, which is providing Cullmanites the opportunity to purchase Priester’s Pecans. Kickoffs and falling leaves are complemented beautifully by the tasty treats, and the Pilot Club is providing them for the Cullman Community.         

Excellent taste is what Priester’s is known for; and an excellent community is what the Pilot Club helps Cullman to have. All the great flavors of Priester’s will be available for purchase: pecan halves, pecan pieces, chocolate covered pecan halves, honey glazed pecan halves, cinnamon-sugar pecan halves and praline halves. Not only will your purchase of the pecans provide you with a delicious treat, but the proceeds raised from the fundraiser will benefit the community.         

Donning the title of Chair of the Pecan Sales this year, former president of the Pilot Club, Peggy Day, is excited about all the good work that can come from this event.        

“This will benefit the Pilot Light Home, Margaret Jean Jones Center, Field of Miracles, and the Alzheimer’s Support Group,” Day said. With 18 years of Pilot Club membership under her belt, Day knows all the wonderful things that the organization can help to accomplish and is excited to continue that this year.

Incorporating tasty treats is a great way to raise funds for any organization, and Day and her colleagues have noticed this. “We’ve been doing this pecan sale for several years,” she said.

Love pecans, or any of the other kinds of things the Pilot Club will be selling? Love giving to the community? Looks like you’re in luck, because the pecans and other treats that the Pilot Club are making will be available at the St. John’s Christmas Market. Or, if you’re unable to attend that, simply contact a Pilot Club member.

Various kinds of delicious items will be available, as listed above, not just pecans. Everyone can help out and get rewarded in the process. Costs of the pecans and other items will be $12-per-pound. Offering these treats is an annual joy for the members of the Pilot Club. Kick back this winter with some treats provided by Peggy Day and her friends with the Pilot Club. Peggy Day herself is also available for more information about purchasing packages of pecans at 256-734-6049.