Hot Dog! Dodge City Has a Sneaky Pete’s!


Specialty Hotdog Restaurant New to the Area

DODGE CITY – Dodge City is home to the newest hot dog restaurant in the area. Sneaky Pete’s, famous for their outstanding hot dogs, along with the High Quality Fuel Station, offer a wide variety of merchandise to their customers in the convenience of one stop shopping.


Sneaky Pete’s is mainly known for their delicious hot dogs, but they also serve burgers, fries, sandwiches and chicken. They also have a breakfast menu that is out of this world! Folks can order their eggs any way they want and most are thrilled to know that real eggs are used instead of the powdered or the pourable kind, which are often used in the fast food industry.


There are 11 different variations of hot dogs on the menu and each is unique and delicious.


“The Junk Yard Dog and the Chili Cheese Dogs are our biggest sellers,” said Jennifer Hughes, manager. “The Junk Yard Dog has a little bit of everything on it. It’s got mustard, onion, chili, cheese, sauerkraut, relish, coleslaw and Sneaky Pete’s Sauce,” she grinned. “Our Sneaky Pete’s Sauce is kind of like a barbeque sauce. It’s tomato based and not too spicy. It is available for purchase by the bottle for $2.99. A lot of people pick it up and put it on their chicken or pork chops. It’s really good.”


The idea of a specialty hot dog restaurant was conceived by Mr. Peter T. Graphos back in 1966. Later that same year, the very first Sneaky Pete’s was built at 2005 8th Ave. South in Birmingham, Ala. Over time, many more Sneaky Pete’s restaurants have come along, and as of April 2014, there are 35 Sneaky Pete’s franchised restaurants scattered throughout Alabama. Twenty-six of those restaurants are located in the Birmingham Metro. To date, Alabama is the only place where people can enjoy a good ole Sneaky Pete’s dog.


According to Hughes, a big reason Dodge City was chosen as one of Sneaky Pete’s newest locations was because of the friendly folks who live in the area. Another reason was due to the fact that Dodge City is so close to the interstate.


“We’ve been open now for seven weeks,” said Hughes. “We’ve seen a lot of new faces come through here. There’s been a lot of excitement from people who haven’t had Sneaky Pete’s in over 20 years. I have a couple from Decatur who would travel down to Gardendale just to eat at Sneaky Pete’s because that was the closest one around. They were so excited to find out there was one here in Dodge City so they don’t have to drive as far,” she giggled. “We even have some customers who come in the store two and three times a week!”


For excellent service and a delicious meal, make the drive to Dodge City and try one of Sneaky Pete’s famous hot dogs. They also welcome phone orders and promise to have your meal hot and ready to go once you arrive. Sneaky Pete’s is located at 281 AL Hwy 69 S, Hanceville, AL 25077, and their phone number is 256-287-0977.