Cheerleading Team-Up

Cheerleaders from Cullman High School and West Point High School came together to learn from one another recently at a joint clinic. (Cullman City Schools)

CHS, West Point and CGCA cheerleaders partner for clinic

CULLMAN, Ala. — Cheerleaders from Cullman High School, West Point High School and Cullman Gymnastics and Cheer Academy teamed up on June 27 for a cheer clinic bringing together dozens of cheerleaders from across the city and county.

“Cheerleaders from Cullman and West Point were paired up in stunt groups based on their positions, with the aim of helping each other improve in their stunting techniques. Cullman cheer has grown tremendously in their stunting abilities over the last few years and are currently stunting at the highest level on the score sheet for competition,” Cullman High varsity cheer coach Mary Pylant explained. “West Point is gearing up for an exciting season, growing in their stunting abilities and leveling up their skills. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to assist them in incorporating more elite stunts into their routine this year, contributing to their growth and development in preparation for the upcoming competition season.”

Pylant noted the stunt session was successful and beneficial for all participants, providing a great learning opportunity for cheerleaders to enhance their skills in elite stunting, while fostering collaboration and teamwork between the two programs.

“West Point grew tremendously and our teams worked together to teach and learn proper grips and techniques for elite stunting. Cullman is blessed to know and love the West Point team through our mutual love of cheerleading and elite stunting,” Pylant said. “It was truly amazing to look out across the floor and to be unable to distinguish which athletes were from Cullman or West Point. From a coaching point of view: It was amazing watching the two teams — who don’t practice together — be able to bond together as a community and work together to reach common goals.”

The joint clinic was a chance to bring student athletes together from across the community, to learn from one another and create new connections and friendships within the sport.

“Our Cullman program cheer theme is ‘Clap for the Cats,’ and by incorporating and extending that uplifting theme, it’s a way to spread that positivity by clapping for each other and celebrating the collective achievements that make our Cullman cheer and West Point cheer and our entire community shine bright,” Pylant said. “By working together, we can create a culture of support and friendship that will lead to success and a truly amazing journey!”

Cullman’s cheer coach staff includes Pylant, Ashley Wilbanks, Kristy Patterson and Savanna Ball.