CPD adds dual purpose motorcycles to fleet

Cullman Police Department Sgt. Chuck Shikle and Motor Officer Don Slocumb (Lauren Estes for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – The Cullman Police Department recently added two dual purpose motorcycles to be used in and around parks to improve response times in emergency situations. 

Sgt. Chuck Shikle and Motor Officer Don Slocumb shared that the ease of deployment with these motorbikes through rough terrain or challenging places will give the CPD better travel capabilities.

“Both of the bikes are Kawasaki KLX 250s and they will bridge the gap between cars and bikes for law enforcement,” Shikle said. “With these bikes you can split lanes very quickly. They are efficient and they will get there faster than someone else when the spaces are tight.” 

Shikle said Police Chief David Nassetta was instrumental in acquiring the bikes for the department. 

“Chief Nassetta is the reason we are able to have these bikes up and going,” Shikle said. “He is always making plans for the future – evolving with equipment, and he knew that having access to tight spaces, wooded areas, parks and other areas that would be limited in travel with cars. The bikes are street legal and are lined with police lights and an emergency first aid kit. They will be great rapid response vehicles.”

The CPD currently has four motor officers. Since added the new bikes, it said, 23 more have signed up to become certified.

“We have already seen what a conversation starter these bikes are with the community,” Shikle said. “Kids will come up and want to see the bikes and it gives them some leeway to be friendly with officers instead of scared of officers and that’s what we want. Our mission with these bikes will be to add to the parks and communities and keep the families venturing to and through these parks safe. This will be a great addition to the Cullman Police Department and we are so thankful that Chief Nassetta was able to secure and finish this process.”

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