Focus on motorcycle safety


CULLMAN, Ala. – With summer weather, there are more motorcyclists on the road, creating more opportunities for vehicle versus motorcycle wrecks. 

Cullman Fire Rescue Chief Darren Peeples said there are many safety protocols motorcyclists should follow.

“Riding a motorcycle can be a relaxing and energizing experience,” Peeples said. “However, it is imperative that each rider consider all surrounding areas and vehicles while driving.”

The chief’s tips include:

  • Acknowledge your limitations: Safety courses are vital for riders of any level. Just like Major League Baseball players have a batting coach, it is always good to improve your skill under the supervision of a professional as well as identify bad habits. 
  • Awareness of your surroundings: Don’t put your motorcycle in bad positions such as approaching curves, riding in vehicles’ blind spots or improper braking.
  • Tire pressure: There are only two small patches of rubber between you and the road. Improper inflation could lead to personal injury and damage to the bike.
  • Road conditions: There are several different designs and styles of motorcycles that handle various road conditions uniquely. Even so, rain, traffic and rough roads need to be considered when out on a ride.  
  • Read the manual: Most motorcycles are engineering marvels, but all the best engineering cannot fix poor maintenance or ignorance to the operations of the machine.

Peeples said these five points apply to all riding levels, styles of motorcycle and riding conditions.

“Intentionally working on your skill to improve your ability will provide the best opportunity for enjoying each riding experience,” Peeples said.

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