2nd annual Miss Summer Belle pageant set for June 22

The second annual Miss Summer Belle pageant will take place June 22 at Lane Horton Gym at Hanceville High School. The pageant is open to all ages with no residency restrictions. There are still spots available for those interested in registering. (Queendom Pageant Productions)

HANCEVILLE, Ala. – The Miss Summer Belle pageant is back for its second year, set for Saturday, June 22, 2024, at the Lane Horton Gym at Hanceville High School. The event, organized by Queendom Pageant Productions, invites participants of all ages, whether first-year or a seasoned competitor, to come out and showcase their poise and personality in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Miss Summer Belle is a beauty pageant with no age or residency restrictions, welcoming contestants from near and far to compete in a single category: the Beauty Walk. The pageant follows a natural or seminatural style, encouraging contestants to wear appropriate makeup and pageant gowns.

Each division is limited to 15 contestants to ensure a well-paced and enjoyable experience for all. The divisions range from Baby Miss (0-12 months) to Grand Miss (18 and older), including a special Exceptional Miss division for moms. The $75 entry fee covers all side awards, and no one leaves empty handed.

Event organizer and director Hanna Hancock shared her personal journey that inspired the creation of the Miss Summer Belle pageant.

“Never in a million years did I think from entering one pageant I would have discovered a passion so strong. When I was 3 years old I was involved in a car wreck that left me with a spinal cord injury that temporarily paralyzed my ability to walk, along with the use of the right side of my body,” Hancock recalled.

Overcoming a significant spinal cord injury as a child, Hancock said, she found strength and purpose in pageantry. In 2019, Hancock was named Good Hope Fair Queen Representative and Talent Winner, with a platform built on sharing her story of overcoming a life with physical limitations.

“People needed to hear my story – people of all ages. People needed to see that if the ole mascot, class clown, never wore anything but a T-shirt and shorts, and whose hair was always in a bun could achieve something with a past like that, anyone could. That was the start of my pageant journey. I encourage you, no matter who you are, to explore the pageant world. It has opened so many doors for me,” Hancock shared.

Judging will focus solely on the Beauty Walk, evaluating contestants on poise, smile, walk, dress and confidence. Hancock said she took great care in selecting judges who are not only experienced, but also know how to create a supportive and fun atmosphere.

“I know how difficult and time-consuming judging a pageant can be, especially an all-age, all-day pageant. When it comes to hiring judges, I try to find the best of the best who don’t mind having a little fun while they work,” Hancock explained.

The pageant offers a variety of awards and recognitions. In each of the 11 divisions, the Miss Summer Belle and three alternates will receive crowns, while side award winners will receive medallions. Side award winners include the following categories: Miss Photogenic, People’s Choice, Best Smile, Best Hair and Best Dressed.  

Additionally, all contestants will leave with a tiara.

“All contestants will leave with a tiara, and hopefully a sense of pride that provides so much room for personal growth and self-confidence,” Hancock noted.

Interested participants can register for the pageant by visiting the “2nd Annual Miss Summer Belle” and “Queendom Pageant Productions” pages on Facebook, where they will find a Google form to complete. There are spots still available for those interested in registering.

The event will kick off with doors opening at 10 a.m., and the first division starting at 10:30. Contestants must register no later than 30 minutes before their division begins. Divisions will continue throughout the day, with the final division, the Exceptional Mom’s division, starting at 4:20 p.m.

Hancock invited the community to come out and cheer on those competing.

“If I wasn’t the director for Miss Summer Belle then I would be a contestant. If that doesn’t tell you something about Queendom Pageant Productions, I don’t know what will. Ladies that are reading this, I want to extend an invite to you no matter the age to come compete at Miss Summer Belle. It’s a sisterhood. One that involves kindness above all,” she said. “Spectators are welcome and encouraged. Every one of the contestants deserves to be cheered for and supported. Come join the Queendom.”

For young ladies and women considering participating, Hancock offered this advice: “Be yourself and have fun. You could have a new set of judges tomorrow with the same group of girls and it would be a completely different outcome. Please remember to stay positive – you never know where your pageant journey will take you. By competing in pageants, contestants develop so many lifelong useful skills that can be used in both personal and career settings. Enter one pageant and see where it takes you.”

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