Inaugural Hanceville PR Rodeo Queen Pageant June 29

The inaugural Hanceville PR Rodeo Queen Pageant will take place on June 29 before the H.P.R Rodeo. (Hanceville PR Rodeo Queen Pageant)

HANCEVILLE, Ala. – The inaugural Hanceville PR Rodeo Queen Pageant is scheduled for June 29, coinciding with the H.P.R Pro Rodeo.

The pageant, which closed its entry on June 8, has attracted contestants across five age divisions: Petite Miss (ages 6-8), Little Miss (ages 9-11), Junior Miss (ages 12-14), Senior Miss (ages 15-17) and Miss (ages 18-25). Each division will showcase the talents and skills of young ladies who aspire to represent the rodeo community.

Unlike traditional beauty pageants, the H.P.R Rodeo Queen Pageant demands a diverse set of skills. Contestants must demonstrate proficiency in horsemanship and public speaking, as well as modeling and poise. They are also expected to have a comprehensive understanding of rodeo events, the roles of stock contractors and horse care, including anatomy and health. Additionally, they may be asked about current world events and politics.

The pageant will begin with a personal interview segment, akin to a job interview, where judges will assess each contestant’s personality and poise. The interview will be a closed portion of the event for this pageant.

Following the interviews, contestants will move to the Cullman County Agricultural Trade Center for the horsemanship segment. This part of the competition is optional for the youngest division, Petite Miss, but a few are expected to participate. Each contestant will perform a set pattern, which was received upon entering the pageant, to showcase her riding skills. Horsemanship is scheduled to start around 11 a.m. and is open to the public.

The crowning of the H.P.R Rodeo Queens will take place just before the rodeo begins.

“Crowning will take place just before the rodeo starts. Come early to watch the inaugural crowning of the Hanceville Park & Rec Rodeo Queens. They will have the title for one year, before passing to the next set of queens. The 2024 queens will make appearances at the Hanceville festivals, Cullman County Fair Parade as well as the Cullman County Christmas Parade in Hanceville, along with visiting other rodeos throughout the year,” event organizer Kristie Young shared.

The event is also a significant fundraiser for Hanceville Park & Rec, and sponsorship opportunities are still available. The contributions from businesses and individuals are crucial for the success of the pageant and the rodeo. Prizes for the contestants include buckles, crowns, sashes and more.

“We hope to one day provide our Hanceville Queen with personalized chaps and a saddle, all through donations,” said Young.

For more information or to sponsor the event, contact Kristie Young at 256-338-7204 or

Young offered her heartfelt advice to any young lady considering participating in future pageants, “To any young ladies who would like to become a rodeo queen, my best advice would be to study hard, practice and chase those dreams! The world is full of opportunities!”

Young expressed her gratitude to the City of Hanceville and Hanceville Park & Rec, stating, “Rodeo queens are an ambassador to the sport of rodeo. I would like to extend a special thanks to the City of Hanceville and Hanceville Park & Rec for providing this unique opportunity to not only local young ladies but those across the southeast. Not every city has their own rodeo queen!”

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