Cheese, cheese and more cheese!

Attendees packed the streets shopping through the various goods offered by vendors at the Hanceville Grilled Cheese Festival on Saturday, May 25, 2024. (Gauge Day)

HANCEVILLE, Ala. – The Hanceville Grilled Cheese Festival in downtown Hanceville proved to be a huge success despite the morning rains that initially threatened to keep the crowds away on Saturday, May 25. The festival saw an impressive turnout with packed streets well into the later part of the day. Street vendors, with everything from custom hats to signature woodwork, offered goods to the bustling crowd. Local businesses also opened their doors to the influx of visitors.

Food trucks lined the streets, each presenting its spin on the classic grilled cheese. Festivalgoers enjoyed everything from traditional grilled cheese sandwiches to inventive creations that showcased the food trucks’ culinary flair.

Music filled the air with multiple bands taking the stage throughout the day, adding to the vibrant festival atmosphere.

A highlight of the day was the midday grilled cheese competition, surrounded by throngs of spectators. Brittani Coker emerged as the 2024 Grilled Cheese Festival champion. The competition also featured a special guest judge, the Chubbfather from 99.5’s Breaking Bread with AJ & the Chubbfather; AJ and the Chubbfather, along with his family, added a touch of local celebrity to the event.

The 2024 Hanceville Grilled Cheese Festival champion, Brittani Coker (Mike Witcher)

Festival organizers shared a special thank you to all who came and participated: “Thanks to all of our vendors and sponsors who made yesterday’s event one of the best ever. After the initial storms, the weather turned out great, although a bit hot and muggy, but it is after all, Alabama. A special shout out to Breaking Bread with AJ & the Chubbfather for coming down and helping us out with the cooking competition, and some great food truck interviews!”

Despite the early rains, the Grilled Cheese Festival hit the mark once again, offering the community a day of delicious food, fun activities and a chance to come together and enjoy a memorable day in Hanceville.