Experience the solar eclipse with Cullman Electric Cooperative while supporting a local cause

Cullman Electric Cooperative is hosting a solar eclipse viewing party on April 8, at its main office at 1749 Eva Road NE in Cullman, from noon-3:30 p.m. (Cullman Electric Cooperative)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Cullman Electric Cooperative is gearing up to host a Solar Eclipse Viewing Party on Monday, April 8, from noon-3:30 p.m., inviting the community to witness this rare astronomical event. The Co-op aims to replicate the success of the 2017 viewing party, which saw great community participation and engagement. This year’s event will be hosted at the Co-op’s main office, located at 1749 Eva Road NE in Cullman.

In line with the Co-op’s commitment to community service, the event will double as a food drive for The Link of Cullman County’s Master’s Hand Food Pantry. Attendees are encouraged to bring canned food donations, as many of the local food pantries have faced shortages in recent months.

“Concern for the community we serve is an important part of Cullman Electric Cooperative,” said Lindsey Dossey, manager of communications & marketing. The Co-op held a food drive for the United Way Food Bank back in February.

The Solar Eclipse Viewing Party will feature a range of activities tailored for all ages, ensuring a fun-filled afternoon for attendees. Children can participate in building their own eclipse viewers from empty cereal boxes, engage in coloring activities and enjoy moments at two eclipse-themed photo booths. Additionally, local food trucks, including The Butcher’s Chuckwagon and Carnival Cravings, will be on-site to offer a variety of lunch and snack options. Educational demonstrations, such as the fiber splicing demonstration and an electric demonstration booth complete with an electric bucket truck and linemen gear, are also planned to add an informative element to the festivities.

To promote safe eclipse viewing, the Co-Op will provide free eclipse glasses to the first 400 attendees who contribute a canned food donation. This initiative ensures that participants can safely enjoy the eclipse while contributing to a charitable cause.

“This is a fun community event that allows us to not only connect with our members, but also give back through our food drive. Cullman Electric is more than a utility company; we are dedicated to making sure the areas we serve thrive,” Dossey remarked.

For additional information or questions, community members can contact Cullman Electric Cooperative at 256-737-3271, 256-737-3273 or info@cullmanec.com.

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