CCSO tips for water safety


CULLMAN, Ala. –  Spring is here, and with it, the return to local waters for many. Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry shared water safety tips for those hitting the lake:

  • Be safety conscious. Situational awareness should not stop on the land. 
  • Be aware of potential dangers in the boat and on the water.  This includes potential weather issues and other boaters, as well as personal accountability. Keeping safety at the forefront should always be step No. 1. 
  • Have a license to operate the vehicle on the water. Anyone who operates a water vessel should be licensed and experienced. Less experienced operators should always be monitored and taught.  
  • Drive/ride to your ability and always watch for other vessels. 
  • Don’t drink and drive, whether in the car or on the boat. On land or water, alcohol and operating vehicles is a deadly combination.    
  • Always wear a life vest. Age, experience and ability aside, a life jacket should be worn anytime you’re on the water. Life jackets save lives!   
  • Be extra cautious with kids. Along with life vests, constant monitoring is a must for children. Make sure there is no miscommunication as to who is watching the kids. Eyes (and hands) should be on the little ones at all times.  
  • Avoid unnecessary distractions. Distracted driving, distracted boating or distracted parenting can all be disastrous. 
  • Be diligent and do your part to ensure the safety of everyone on the water.

If you have an emergency on the water, dial 911.