3Sixty Jeep Club brings the ducks to Easter

Kids race alongside their families to collect eggs at the 3Sixty Jeep Club Easter Duck Hunt on March 23, 2024. (Gauge Day)

Eva, Ala. – On March 23, the 3Sixty Jeep Club transformed Shorty Ryan Park in Eva, Alabama, into a vibrant playground for the eagerly awaited Easter Duck Hunt. This event, set against the backdrop of a windy, yet beautiful spring day, drew families from across the area, all eager to partake in the festivities and the thrill of the hunt.

With over 8,000 eggs hidden throughout the park, anticipation and competitiveness were high as children of all ages prepared to embark on their duck hunt adventure. To ensure a fair chance for every participant, the Easter Duck Hunt was divided into three separate heats, each tailored to different age groups. This thoughtful organization allowed for a fair and enjoyable experience for toddlers, younger children and older kids alike.

Children would then race as their heat was called into action, looking to harvest as many eggs as they could into their baskets. The eggs, packed with candy and assorted small rewards, heightened the intensity of the hunt. While numbers would help them get more prizes, those with a keen eye would be looking for the fabled duck prize eggs. These eggs, shaped like a large duck, provided a special prize to those lucky winners.

The hunt itself was only the beginning of the adventure. After collecting their eggs, the children headed to the prize table, where the excitement continued. Here, eggs were exchanged for “bunny bucks,” a unique currency that could be traded for a wide array of prizes. From Barbies and Hot Wheels to stuffed animals, the prizes were generous, with “bunny bucks” allowing the children to receive a huge bounty of items to take home.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, a wide range of local vendors rallied to support the event, offering everything from cotton candy and popcorn to vibrant tie-dyed shirts. The presence of local food vendors ensured that families could enjoy a delicious meal or snack or purchase hand-crafted items from many of the unique local vendors. Inflatables and games covered the rest of Shorty Ryan Park, providing additional entertainment beyond the hunt, while the park’s usual amenities offered spaces for relaxation and play.

Jeeps covered much of the parking area at the event, representing the community effort that was fundamental to the event’s success. The participation of the 3Sixty Jeep Club members, with their customized Jeeps on display, added an extra layer of spectacle and engagement, highlighting the sense of camaraderie and community that defines such gatherings.

The Easter Duck Hunt at Shorty Ryan Park was a resounding success, showcasing the strength of community spirit fostered by the 3Sixty Jeep Club. Aimed at delivering an enjoyable, well-coordinated event that maximized community engagement, the Easter Duck Hunt surpassed expectations on every front.

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