CATA students donate 250 boxes of cereal boxes to Cullman Caring for Kids

CATA students load around 250 donated boxes of cereal for Cullman Caring for Kids, the result of a highly successful community cereal drive. (Sara Kirkpatrick)

CULLMAN, Ala. – The Cullman Area Technology Academy (CATA) has once again exemplified the spirit of community service with the remarkable success of its Spring Break Cereal Food Drive. Ending March 19, the initiative saw the collection of approximately 250 boxes of cereal for  Cullman Caring for Kids, a local nonprofit dedicated to aiding families in need.

This year, following the success of a canned food collection in the previous year, the focus shifted to cereal, a choice that proved both practical and popular. CATA Principal and CTE Director Dr. Susan Patrick previously highlighted the appeal of cereal for young children for its ease of preparation and universal love among the young ones.

The cereal drive culminated in a creative event on the last day, when the collected cereal boxes were arranged like dominoes and toppled over in a domino effect, adding a fun and memorable finale to the noble cause.

Sara Kirkpatrick, the organizer of the event at CATA, expressed her pride in the students’ dedication and hard work, saying, “I was very proud of the Educator in Training students for working so hard to collect the cereal from all of the shops here at CATA daily. They really took charge and realized what a huge blessing this was going to be for needy members of our community. The student body here really showed out by how generous and kind they were by bringing in so many boxes of cereal.”

The generosity did not go unnoticed. Steven Sutter, director of Cullman Caring for Kids, acknowledged the significant impact of the donation. He emphasized that cereal is a high-demand item, particularly appreciated for its accessibility and favorability among children.

“Cereal is always a high-demand item. It’s something we can never get enough of because it’s such an appreciated item for kids, younger kids especially,” he said, highlighting the value of such donations.

As the cereal boxes make their way to the families supported by Cullman Caring for Kids, the impact of this initiative will resonate far beyond the walls of CATA. It stands as a testament to the power of community service in education and the significant difference students can make when they come together for a common cause. The hope is that the success of this drive will inspire similar initiatives across Cullman, continuing the cycle of giving and support between local student bodies and the communities.