East, West students enjoy Bearcat Glow Bash

Fifth and sixth-grade students in the Cullman City Schools system enjoyed the Bearcat Glow Bash Thursday, March 14, at Cullman Middle School. (Cheyenne Sharp)

CULLMAN, Ala. – The parent-teacher organizations (PTOs) of East and West Elementary Schools spent a chunk of their time over the past month planning, preparing for and executing their biggest collaborative effort to date. The first Bearcat Glow Bash was held at Cullman Middle School on Thursday, March 14. Fifth- and sixth-grade students from each school came together to mingle, dance and get their glow on as the district begins to prepare them to merge into one student body when the anticipated restructuring of Cullman City Schools takes place.

Administrators and teachers from each school were on-site during the party, bringing the co-mingling and relationship-building to their faculty and staff, as well as their respective student bodies. Teachers laughed and giggled at and with each other in the 360-degree photo booth, some dancing to the beat as their technicolored glasses illuminated their faces.

Cullman City Schools Superintendent Kyle Kallhoff was in attendance at the bash and shared his appreciation, saying, “Thank you to the PTOs from both schools and the teachers and staff who attended the Bearcat Glow Bash. There weren’t kids from East and kids from West Thursday night. Instead, it was over 100 fifth- and sixth-grade students from the Cullman City School System having the time of their lives. We are fortunate in Cullman to have such wonderful students, supportive employees and families who are engaged.”

As the DJ spun tunes from the teachers’ generation, like “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus and T-Pain’s “Apple Bottom Jeans,” the students waved their glow sticks and got their feet moving. When songs such as Morgan Wallen’s “Last Night” or “Truck Bed” by country star Hardy came through the speakers, every voice was raised, shouting the words as if they were performing their own concert. The PTOs of both schools were running the event, with a concession stand and a plethora of glowing and pulsating light-up toys and glow sticks.

“It was wonderful to see the PTOs, staff and fifth- and sixth-grade students from Cullman City Schools come together for a great night of fun. I look forward to this being an annual event. It is great to see the collaboration of adults and students,” said East Elementary School Principal Melanie Harris. “I loved seeing the students’ faces of excitement to see us, the administration, and teachers from the school join in on the fun. (West Elementary School Principal) Dr. (Jay) Page and I even got to show our moves. I appreciate all the hard work of the PTOs and the parents and staff members being present. I am very excited for the future of Cullman Intermediate School.”

Page added to Harris’s sentiment, saying, “It was fun to see our fifth- and sixth-grade students come together for a fun event. Ms. Harris came up with the idea, and it was a great success. Our parent-teacher organizations worked together to make this event fun. Our students were so excited about the event. We want this to be an annual event for our students as we move toward the new Cullman Intermediate School.”

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